Hoboken Video Flashback – 5k runs in Hoboken

5k runs in Hoboken

One of the best things about winter in Hoboken is that there are NO 5k runs “for charity.”

Why congested cities like Hoboken even allow these disruptions is beyond us. We surmise that anything against a poor little “charity” would be considered a no-no. So they get away with screwing things up for a few hours with what seems to be every week during the warmer months.

Meanwhile – they constantly spend property taxpayer dollars to help “improve” traffic and congestion. Hypocritical a bit, no?

About Hoboken Video Flashback

As we said last week, that video-sharing “platform” Vimeo screwed us over. We had hundreds of videos uploaded to that website. They changed their framework – and demanded money from us to continue – and we said “no.” As a result, most of our content was removed. Luckily – we were able to retrieve them – and will feature a “flashback” each Friday to take a trip down memory lane.

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