Zero transparency with private label food brands

Zero transparency with private label food brands

All supermarkets now have their own “private labels.” Shoprite, Kings, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Walmart, Target, and every single major food retailer has them.

In fact, they have exploded over the past few years alone. (Along with many people’s digestive systems!)

The problem is – that “private labels” do not offer any transparency whatsoever. You have no idea who is really making it!

private label salad tainted

“Distributed By” tells consumers nothing

Every single “private label” product has a little line on it. “Distributed by.” Or often abbreviated because they can make it more obscure: “DIST BY.” (when there is plenty of space for seven extra letters of text.)

It’s like saying your illegal shipment of (whatever) was “distributed by” the mailman or UPS driver.

Why just mention the middle man?

You find out who makes this stuff after E.Coli outbreaks!

Back in October, there was an E.Coli outbreak for some chicken salad products. The lettuce was contaminated.

As always, they’re obligated to mention the company that made these private labels – and they sent out a PDF of the various products affected.

In this case – it was “Missa Bay LLC” (no web presence). Or ReadyPac – Or Bonduelle – or whatever!

As you can see from these labels – NOWHERE is the actual manufacturer. Just the “private label” brand name – and that stupid “distributed by” line – with an obscure PO box as the address.

And this is their “statement” about the illnesses:


I’m not sure why the “REAL” producer of such products needs to be obscured – only until there is an “outbreak” of some kind.

We think the following should be required (or preferably – done VOLUNTARILY):

  1. All private-label brands need to specify WHO made their product – along with the web address of said company.
  2. On that website of that company that produces the food – they MUST list each and every product and company they sell to.

How simple is that? Why shouldn’t the consumer be FULLY AWARE of the companies that produce these things? Most people don’t know that the “salads” sold under the Walmart name – are the same as the ones from many other stores! Heck, I bet some of the high-end “boutique” healthy stores also get their products from the same places (only for twice or three times the cost!)

There has to be a sinister reason for this obfuscation.

They do NOT want informed customers.

Why all the secrets?

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