Hoboken Video Flashback – Cory Booker on Peter Cammarano

A while ago – Vimeo screwed us over. We had hundreds of videos uploaded to that “free” platform. They changed their framework – and demanded money from us to continue – and we said “no.” As a result, most of our content was removed. Luckily – we were able to retrieve them – and will feature a “flashback” each Friday to take a trip down memory lane.

Hoboken Video Flashback – Cory Booker on Peter Cammarano

Any time Mr. Cory Booker makes a statement – or public appearance – it should be noted that he said the following words at the inauguration of (former) Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano.

“I know this man – He is certain to be a good Mayor. But that is not what Hoboken needs. Hoboken needs a great Mayor. Being good he can do all by himself. But to ascend to greatness – to raise the voice of Hoboken again in a nation that desperately needs the American spirit, the Hoboken spirit, he needs everyone to unify around him.”

He also said “May God bless the next great Mayor of Hoboken,” in which he appeared to roll his eyes in some strange way (each time he mentioned God.) Bizarre.

Amazing that over a decade has passed since then.

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