Below is an interesting editorial about “history,” if you had to pick a subject. It’s good to read all perspectives – as this article accurately assesses, we cannot EVER know everything there is to know. So it’s good to take a dip into opinions that may be outside of your scope. It gives perspective to how much of our world is literally “unsolvable.” That may allow you to make different decisions going forward – and perhaps relinquishing some hangups as well.

deception 2 - Deception


By Jolly Roger

I’m sure you’ve attended the finest schools, studied tirelessly, learned a lot, and are now home to a wealth of information, but I’m also sure you’ve never bothered to investigate what knowledge may have been intentionally excluded from your education, or how much of it is simply untrue.

Let’s not forget that deception is our enemy’s stock-in-trade and that a comprehensive propaganda and censorship mechanism exists that decides what you’ll see on TV, read in books or newspapers, or learn in school. 

Lately, I see little difference between universities and churches, as both institutions convince their flock that they’re enlightened and empowered for receiving the knowledge dispensed therein, but the universities are clearly superior for instilling arrogance. As the old saying goes;” you can always tell a Harvard man; you just can’t tell him much.”
Since no one can possess all of the knowledge acquired by humanity, how do you know that you’ve been given the most important information?

Nothing is as it seems; the truth is always hidden beneath the surface, cleverly concealed by a scripted reality that’s been illustrated for public consumption, deception, and conditioning by their operatives in the media and education system. Journalists, screen-writers, teachers, professors, and publishers are all propagandists, some knowledgeable and some ignorant of who they’re actually working for. Until you know and dispense the whole truth, you’re working for the enemy, even if it be unwittingly.

For every image, event, or idea promoted by the Zionist-owned news and entertainment media, there’s a contradicting revelation, or deceptive, and conditioning motive behind it that is exposed by the Truth Movement. The power to deceive and manipulate you was always their primary motive for dominating the news business, which they’ve done for centuries.

We’ve known this for many years, but some people still expect to eventually see the truth revealed on the television, and still wonder why some events are never reported in the news as if the true purpose for their existence still escapes them. These “businesses” willingly operate at a financial loss just to retain the power of deceiving you. If you’re waiting to see the truth exposed on television, you haven’t grasped the enormity of the deception, and you’re only being further deceived.

Another unfortunate truth is that humans too often see what they want to see, regularly ignoring, consciously or otherwise, facts or details that blur their preferred perception of reality. These people will only learn the hard way, as they sacrifice preparedness for present peace.

A third problem is arrogance. People who believe they already know everything are the most resistant to discovering that they’ve been deceived, and as another old saying goes,“if you know everything, you can’t learn anything.” This phenomenon has actually cost us a lot of brainpower that should have been working on our side rather than mocking us, and I fear that it may cost many of them their lives should there be any universal suspension of civility for political reasons.

All politicians are actors. All politicians always were actors, and they’ve all played the same role. It’s a job of knowing what any particular population wants to hear and saying it. The soon-to-be sheared sheep, always looking for hope, will cling to anyone who provides it. In democratic societies, the actors compete for their roles, and the public allegedly chooses the actor who gives them the most hope. The actors work for the international bankers who own the central bank and thereby control the country. That’s the way in which the world works, whether you know it or not.

 I recently speculated that after its collapse, our economy may be saved by Trump, acting on the orders of the bankers, by printing honest money. I also suggested (or stated) that Hitler was also a tool of the bankers, who did the same for Germany after the Weimar republic’s economic collapse. And just to enrage even more people, I claimed that Vladimir Putin was a puppet of the Lubavitchers, thereby stomping on the face of the last of the popular political heroes.

I hate to burst your bubble, but the leadership of world powers, both economic and military, isn’t left to chance, or voters. Politicians become popular heroes by occupying a position of power, and telling people what they want to hear, but their projected persona is only a fraud that the public wants to see, and they don’t really make any important decisions. They make minor decisions that generate big headlines, but they’re only allowed to occupy their positions because the bankers can control them. If an important political leader isn’t working for the bankers, he’ll be replaced by someone who is, even if his assassination is necessary.

Trump, Putin, and Hitler all have their fans, and I have my doubters, but let’s first remember that Kings have been killed, and wars have been waged to install their fractional reserve banking system in any country with significant wealth to drain, so it’s unlikely that any of their puppets is going to “kick out the bankers” on a whim.

Putin and Hitler have done this, and I’ve predicted that Trump will be next, because “kicking out the bankers” is a propaganda device that’s employed when the population begins to understand how the bankers are robbing them. In reality, the bankers only hide behind another layer of deception, and the politician is still controlled by his handlers.

Is there proof of this? There’s plenty of evidence of this, but the big picture is admittedly short on verifiable proof and long on logic, because the subjects have left us little else to work with, operating as they do in secret societies, controlling the media, and always working to keep their influence hidden.

The facts we do have are chiefly historical, and there’s absolutely nothing new happening today. What we have is the same group of criminals using their standard techniques for controlling a population, and seizing control of the news outlets has always been a necessary part of that process. History repeats itself because the same banker families who have carved history out of blood are once again relying on their time-tested techniques, which have always included the subversion of governments to install their banking system, and control of public discourse through ownership of media outlets, and by leading or infiltrating any and all political movements.

You’re not going to find the truth on Wikipedia, and you’re not going to get the whole story from any book published by a Zionist-owned publishing company. Much of what we know is the result of their own indiscretions, and the revelations made by their own members after they’ve decided to cleanse themselves of their evil deeds through pubic confession.

I also stated that there have been recent attempts to glorify, or glamorize the reign of Adolf Hitler, and once again I’ll state that I believe this is a propaganda device that seeks to associate American Patriots with Nazis, because the Zionist media would love the opportunity to do so now that we’ve already been branded “white supremacists”. This would give a big boost to the white genocide propaganda already being propagated in the media and schools, and the mainstream media is waiting for the opportunity to further malign us in the eyes of the public. American Patriots praising Hitler is exactly what they’d like to see, and they’ll make sure the entire country sees it next.

I can probably rustle up a hundred articles that would portray Trump as an American hero who’s trying to secure our borders, and fifty years from now they might make a convincing history book, but today most thinking people understand that if anyone in our “government” sincerely wanted to stop the invasion, it would have been done twenty years ago.

Hitler was just another tool of the bankers; just another actor playing the role that the German people wanted to worship. Trump and Putin are playing the same roles in America and Russia today. Hitler was probably a Rothschild descendant, Trump and Putin are one degree of separation (their handlers) from the same messianic Rabbi who leads the Chabad Lubavitch sect of Judaism, which is also linked to the Rothschilds.

Of course, this is all just a coincidence. In a world of six billion people, why wouldn’t all-powerful political leaders have ties to one banking family?

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