Cluck-U Chicken Now Open!

1/30/2009 Update / Mini-Review:

As most of you probably knew – Cluck U Chicken officially opened on Monday of this week.


It’s a basic fast food layout. Counter, tables, etc. Had some wacky paintings and even a mural that was “customized” for Hoboken. Although, they got the Maxwell House part semi-wrong… and what’s with the chicken committing suicide outside the window? Haha!


Anyway, I finally had a chance to get down there to sample some stick-to-the-ribs chicken selections. They didn’t have the “911” sauce in stock, so I was left with the “Thermo Nuclear” sauce as the spiciest choice. Here’s my quick bullet-style analysis (keep in mind I ate the food 45 minutes after picking it up):

  • 5 Chicken Fingers (Thermo Nuclear). Chicken was just fine – not gigantic – but big enough. Sauce was hot, and I did sweat – but didn’t kill my tongue for 30 minutes like some of the hotter sauces I’ve tasted. Had about two fingers and saved the rest for later.
  • Cheese Fries. By the time I ate them, they were sogged down – however, when Cluck-U says “Addictive,” something about their food is indeed addictive, even if it was soggy. I ate them all.
  • Chicken Bites. These were FREE – because of their grand opening coupon that’s printed on their menu. Believe it or not, these crispy chicken bites were my favorite. I got a side of the thermo-nuclear sauce – as well as some honey mustard. This is a perfect high-protein, low-carb snack! The owner said they’ll have these free chicken bits for a while – so get down there and try them!

The total cost for that arrangement was only $8.86! Talk about cheap! Two people could have easily gotten full!


Next time, will eat there – and try the dishes right away. I enjoyed the taste (it reminded me somehow of either boardwalk food – or something along those lines – and I hadn’t been drinking either!) Will definitely be a return customer – maybe even try some of the more healthier items just for giggles.

Anyone else enjoy it?


1/13/2009 Update:

Wide variety, good prices coming soon too!

Spoke with the owners of Cluck-U Chicken this week, and they were “cautiously optimistic” that they’d be open very soon. While they didn’t promise an exact date (who can except privileged insiders?) – they’re leaning towards a week or two.

Take a look at their menu!

A much more diverse menu than most chicken places (esp. in Hoboken). Chicken sandwiches, wings, fingers, bites and mini bites! All that along with salads, burgers, “fishwiches,” and fries. Even some what appear to be munchkin-like desserts. The prices seem very reasonable as well.

I’ve never had Cluck-U Chicken before, so I will be excited to try them once they open!!


Description: Fast food specializing in Chicken. Burgers, wraps, fries and even salads are available as well.
Address: 112 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-683-9307 Fax: 201-683-9309
Hours: 10am-Midnight (except Sunday open at 11am) Late Night Hours coming soon!



Hoboken’s first-ever Cluck-U Chicken is making good progress as well! A shiny new sign – and interior work is taking shape!

Damnit. I just drooled on my keyboard. What’s that phrase they say “Never post food entries while hungry?” I forget.


11/25/2008 Update:

I had a chance to speak with the very nice owners of Cluck-U Chicken about a week ago.


Might just open in 2008!

Construction is moving along quickly, and they’re hoping to open up some time in December (I told them to cross their fingers). This Cluck-U franchise is going to start out with a smaller menu selection than most other locations in order to keep it simple in the beginning, as well as due to the size of the spot they rented. One thing they’re considering at some point in the future is RIBS (which would be nice!)

They’re also going to have late weekend hours, and delivery as well. They expect to have reasonable prices, and nothing but “fresh” chicken. Interior seating capacity is expected to be around 30 person maximum (booths and a window counter with stools for the “people watchers”).

Considering the location, and the fact that Hoboken doesn’t really have a decent chicken place that hits a “home run,” this place is destined for success from day one. The owners did a great job scouting the location, the price-point and the niche.

Best of luck to Cluck-U Chicken and their owners!


Got an update / tip / rumor from a Hoboken411 reader yesterday.


Downtown Hoboken may become more deep fried…

He said that a contact of his owns several Subway franchises in other towns, and wishes to open up a Cluck-U Chicken franchise next to Blimpie in the defunct Juice Garden location.

Wishful thinking (i.e., good luck dealing with the city of Hoboken) or a “dream come true?” (i.e., ending the fried chicken monopoly in Hoboken).

The Cluck-U website lists this location at 112 Washington Street as “Coming Soon!” So perhaps it’s a reality – you can email if you feel like grilling him for more information.

We’ll see if this venture pans out, or just gets deep fried to oblivion!

Regardless, good luck Cluck-U! We love chicken in Hoboken!

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[quote comment=”134923″]Wildflower sounds like you might need some p90x?[/quote]

I’ll work it off when I walk home from the PATH

Biff McFly
Biff McFly

Wildflower sounds like you might need some p90x?


Had this on Sunday – got the Roman chx sw. To say it was ‘off the chain’ would be an understatement. Nice fries too – a fine addition to Hobo.


Let’s see what I can recall from my trip last Saturday: expensive, charge for dirty celery (fortunately, did not charge extra for the hair on it), Hunts (Hunts?!!) ketchup, and so-so wing sauce.
And I was really looking forward to this place. 🙁


I can’t say for certain, but I’m pretty sure the guy in the chicken outfit whispered “kill me” when I walked by there today.