Hoboken Recycling is Garbage!

Hoboken Recycling is Garbage!

What is happening in Hoboken regarding “recycling” is utter nonsense.

Forcing people to “sort” garbage is pathetic. Most people moved out on their own to get away from their parents’ rules – not to live in yet another “nanny state!”

What is even worse – is that almost everyone bows down and does it! What weak losers!

“Complying” with rules like this is for suckers. And their stupid “justification” for this citywide mass compliance is to save a paltry $200k per year (in reality it is because they’re control-freaks looking to avenge what pathetic childhoods they had which has haunted them their whole lives).

Imagine the combined WASTE OF TIME this is causing residents? Probably equivalent to millions of dollars of lost productivity for side-hustlers and entrepreneurs!

hoboken recycling rules nanny state draconian - Hoboken Recycling is Garbage!

Has anyone entertained NON-compliance to Hoboken’s recycling rules?

Why not just throw your glass, paper, and plastic in YOUR REGULAR GARBAGE? What are they gonna do? Open every fucking bag? Raid your apartment? Murder you?

To help aid in success, take any “paper” you have and wrap each wine or beer bottle to conceal the noise. Get old newspapers from your convenience store if you can. Putting glass in milk cartons is also a good double-whammy.

  • Hidden tip 1: If necessary – find a way to put your recycling in city garbage pails or store dumpsters if you want to risk it. And what would the city do if people attempted to “frame” others by adding “wrong” garbage to someone else’s containers? It’d create a bit of a mess for the administration, no? Put your thinking caps on!
  • Hidden tip 2: Never throw out personally identifiable garbage (mail with addresses, etc.) Always shred. Burn if you have space (like a fire pit in your backyard).

Complying with this draconian recycling “rule” is a step in the wrong direction. Do your best to fight it and keep yourself safe from penalty. The more people that silently dissent – the better. It’s how you preserve a republic.

[Note: that this article is a parody and for entertainment purposes only. Any action you take is at your own risk. We have to say these dumb ass things to limit liability. A horrible world we live in these days.]

hoboken recycling nanny rules - Hoboken Recycling is Garbage!

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