Why does “giving back” matter when shopping?

Why does Giving Back matter to anyone?

We’ve mentioned this before – but why do people become compelled to shop places that engage in a “giving back” program? (i.e., “donating” (a fancy accounting word) to some kind of charitable organization)?

It seems like most stores these days MUST mention “giving back.”

And to us, it appears that hardly anyone questions it at all. Even cheering it on!

giving back charity

Why not give customers a CHOICE?

Just like other charitable endeavors – you usually have a choice whether to donate. Like when they ask you if you want to donate your change at the end of a transaction. At least they ask.

Stores that give back a percentage of sales – are doing so AT THE CUSTOMERS EXPENSE – and really without consent.

Take Toms Shoes for instance. They donate a pair of shoes for every pair sold. How fucked up is that? I’d rather have a 50% discount per pair than paying double to allow them tax benefits for shipping shoes to third-world countries.

And they’re probably going under one day soon. So much for that.

toms shoes

Is it a shoe company or charity? Why do they have to be both?

But customers should be able to “opt-out” of their charity in order to receive a discount of the same amount.

You’d be surprised how many people would choose to save money instead of involuntarily donating to a charity they may or may not care about.

Giving Back is Virtue Signaling for everyone

The crazy thing about this giving back – is that it makes it harder to criticize a corporation. Because “they’re doing good!”

virtue signaling charity giving back

Plus – the SJW’s of the world will be held back a bit as well – which is always a plus in terms of public relations. It’s how marketing is these days. Sad, but true.

But in the end – it’s just virtue signaling. And no one really knows what kind of accounting trickery or price manipulation is taking place to afford these lavish donations.

You know prices are higher because of it. There are probably political favors sprinkled in as well. All part of the game these days.

We’ve always said – charity starts with home, family, friends, and neighbors. Everything else is bullshit.

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