Solutions withheld from humanity?

Solutions withheld from humanity?

With all of our technology out there – and “smart people” spanning the globe, don’t you think that most, if not all “problems” in society would have been solved by now? Or are solutions (purposely) being withheld from humanity?

They say “conspiracy theorists” are nutty tin-foil hat-wearing people. But there are small (but lucrative) pockets of society that have been “stuck in the mud,” for lack of a better phrase. Seems a bit illogical, especially when you look at all the other advancements being made everywhere else.

solutions withheld from humanity - Solutions withheld from humanity?

Why are some industries held back?

Without getting into deep details – take a look at this list. Ask yourself, or discuss with friends why there are ongoing issues with them. Pick a few, and dig deeper. Most importantly – follow the money, because that is usually why good ideas take forever to become reality. The money and control.

  • Fuel and energy. Look into all the innovations that appeared for a brief time, then went away. Nicola Tesla is a good starting point.
  • Cancer / Diabetes / Autism. The entire health industry, for that matter. The foods people eat. Why are great ideas (such as Carnivore) attacked from all angles? Why are vaccine skeptics shunned?
  • Teeth. Same goes for the dental industry. Look into how ancient tribes had perfect teeth until a “Western” influence infiltrated their lives.
  • Freedom / Government. It took less than two years of “America” before it became infected. And how all forms of government have gotten more invasive by the year. And why do you have to pay ransom in perpetuity for owning land?

There are countless others (such as poverty and monetary systems – or free speech forums online). What are some you can think of?

Our theory remains. The reason these great ideas are held back is almost solely because whoever stands to lose (usually money, power, or control) will do everything to hold on as long as possible. And of course, the “human condition.”

More importantly – what would it take to crack the code on this human condition – to rally the suppressed against whatever pillar that is holding us back? Is it a lost cause because of the fabled “bread and circuses?”

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