Experience is relative {everything has value}

Experience is relative {yes, everything has value!}

As we ease into the Thanksgiving holiday this year – how many of you think about what “experience” really is. Or the many different aspects to what “experience” might be?

We bring this up mainly because of the digital experiences most people identify with. Primarily with their devices.

In other words, many individuals inevitably make comparisons to their lives – and the superficial lives they see on their phones, tablets, or computers. This has been going on for centuries – regardless of the medium.

grass is always greener

The grass is always greener (or is it?)

Comparisons – is one of the tricky aspects of humanity.

On one side, finding value in others can serve to motivate some to do better. But in most instances, it leads to envy and other negative thoughts (regardless of the positive memes you see splattered all over the interwebs.) The core of humanity usually leans towards jealousy (i.e., “ME!)

But the grass is not always greener, because most humans do not consider what is NOT known. Effort, pain, luck, and everything else. No two people are identical. So stop trying to be someone you’re not.

Find the silver lining

Every moment in life indeed has a silver lining. Just because you’re not traveling the world or taking perfect selfies like some “personality” you follow on social media, doesn’t mean your life is without merit.

For example: “This girl is so lucky, she gets to hang out at expensive places, gets free gifts, and lives a life of luxury!” say some girls who follow internet celebrities or influencers.

But they can say: “At least I don’t have to suck up to advertisers, or be fake every day of my life in order to get this crap!”

Hardly anyone sees the downsides of the popular people (and the “brands”) they consume online. Sad, but true.

Mental vs. Physical

Experience – can be more than just doing things.

For instance, they call a “UI” (user interface) an experience these days. We disagree. It’s not an experience, it’s just an interface. It muddies the word.

Experience can also be a moment in time. For most superficial people, it’s that selfie in some exotic location (on vacation, for instance). It’s not a real experience. It’s what they project to their followers.

But mental experience is different. It’s personal – and does not need to be projected. It is stored in your mind for some future time.

It could take years, or even decades to come to fruition. Takes patience as well. Think about it – and all your (real) experiences you haven’t shared. They have value.

Passive vs. Active

We’re fascinated by the world of online gaming as well as “eSports.”

In our day – we have indeed played “RPG” games and have experienced the profound draw of psychologically designed interfaces (We strongly recall “HALO” back in its first iteration). So we understand what is happening. It’s just that they’ve upped the ante quite a bit in the past 20 years.

We were not surprised that some popular online gaming platform came under fire recently (Fortnite) – because they essentially left players hanging. And thousands of addicted kids were inconsolable because their game stopped. That instantly tells you there is a problem, no?

Is that a real experience? Even if 0.01% of kids can score by being the best? We don’t think so. It’s not real life. Regardless if it happens in our (real) life.

Controlling destiny vs. Consumption (or something like that)

We may have mentioned this in the past. Consumption of “mainstream” ANYTHING is likely bad for anyone.

The sole purpose of anything easily accessible and addictive is usually to create profit for someone else besides you.

You are a moneymaker. For someone else.

That includes all “experiences” you might have. Serial shows (Netflix binge-watching), games, sports, and even “news” that keeps people “gripped” to the bogus reality they create.

Every now and then some people slip through the cracks – and become popular on YouTube or other platforms. One such channels is My Self-Reliance – who has a million subscribers, but deserves more than most music celebrities. Like 500 million. But that will never happen – because most people cannot tolerate long-form content, often with no crafted dialogue.

Most people cannot comprehend formulating their own lives, based on their own interests.

Why? Because they connect to their lives and interests online – instead of finding it themselves. It’s painful to be alone for most.

But being alone over long stretches creates the best experience. Your own. Uninfluenced.

And that is what we all want deep inside, right? Or is it just social acceptance?

What happened to just accepting yourself?

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