Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year 2020 – What has changed?

Another annual “obligatory” ritual of saying “Happy New Year!”

Isn’t it odd how we’ve all sort of involuntarily taken part in most of these repetitive events?

Holidays mostly. Religious, or not. Patriotic events. Important birthdays. Historical dates. All have one thing in common: repetition.

One thing that barely happens each spin around, is the questioning of “why?”

Sure – humans are tribal as well as “ceremonial.” So they say, at least. Automatic for the most part, otherwise these so-called things wouldn’t take place. “But it’s in our DNA!” some may say as they blindly participate in without thought.

Being cynical about all of this “stuff” is not taken pleasantly by most others. One might get labeled a “naysayer,” or some kind of buzz-kill or “downer” because they may challenge the consensus.

But is it really something we ought to feel an obligation towards? Or have we simply been taught “that is how we’re wired!”?

While we believe many things are wired into our being – these annual traditions shouldn’t feel required for anyone.

Thinking independently should.

Because there is always some invisible dotted line directly towards the beneficiaries of such mass acceptance. You just have to look to see them.

Enjoy your New “DAY!”

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