Happy Thanksgiving 2019

Happy Thanksgiving Hoboken – how much has changed in your life?

You know? There is something we can be thankful for. And it doesn’t mean we’re just thankful TODAY because it’s the annual Thanksgiving holiday.

But we’re posting this because it is Thanksgiving. We’re thankful for the internet.

Primarily – because it’s the essentially most expansive “library” in existence. The things we can read and inform ourselves about here in 2019 are miraculous compared to just 20 years ago.

This partially contributes to our heightened sense of cynicism of the world these days. We didn’t plan or want to feel this way – it’s just what happens when you’re able to discover truths about what a sham our so-called “world” has been over the years.

Everything from marketing, or controlled media, and other large corporations or “private clubs you ain’t in” just begins to make sense.

tech thanksgiving 2019 - Happy Thanksgiving 2019

Not everyone should be thankful for the internet, though

And we’re serious. As much as “mainstream” bullshit affected millions of people in decades past, it still does the same these days – just with different labels and varnishes.

Instead of the three big broadcasting networks and your TV Guide – you now have millions of other “hooks” to contend with. The worst of the bunch being social media.

While many people like us can navigate the maze of disinformation and misinformation well, most others are “caught up.” In what exactly? The psychological nightmare that happens when content is evil. And the number of awful narcissists we see roaming the streets these days is staggering. It seems that almost everyone organizes their every movement with a connection to how they’re going to “share” it online. Not a good way to live life, in our opinion.

Internet use still requires brains and skills and regulation

We like using the internet. Primarily websites. Almost exclusively websites from a desktop computer with a full-size keyboard and multiple large displays.

It hit us instantly the minute Twitter came out back in 2007 or 2008. That social media was stupid. Regardless of whatever “pros” you can muster up.

It’s a shame that many businesses need to up their social media presence to succeed these days. As if you’re invisible to entire generations of people unless you can be found on a smartphone.

And the number of people who “pre-judge” a place based on “review” is astonishing. As if that information cannot be wrong. The number of folks who don’t use their own judgment or experience as a guide is downright scary, in fact.

Even worse – is that practically no one questions what they’re doing day to day – or how much time they spend looking down. How did we allow this?

Thankful for also understanding the writing on the wall

We still spend a good deal of time using our “digital libraries.” But we also significantly limit what, how, and when we use them.

For instance – our phones NEVER go to bed with us. They stay in other rooms. Not “checking” our devices non-stop has had profound positive effects. Something peaceful.

We also have no dumb Pavlov’s Dog apps on our phones or notification bells. Just phone calls. Such a relief to get those sounds and vibrations out of our lives.

If you watch your peers, neighbors, and other people out in public – you’d be insane not to see the issue. We liken it to an “epidemic” of sorts. And that’s not even including how awkward it appears most (younger) folks act when dealing with physical real-life interactions.

Life can be great even if you’re not “climbing the ladder” of the online worlds, or getting offended by the latest moronic controversy. The pecking order of ego online is both fascinating and bizarre. How even in this most advanced society we live in – with the collective intelligence – is still so completely backward is amazing.

thanksgiving turkey instagram selfie photo - Happy Thanksgiving 2019

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