Armed holdup on 7th St.


Overheard NOW over the Live Hoboken Police and Fire Scanner:

“Armed Holdup near A&P. Possible AK-47 was used in the robbery. Use Caution! Black male 5’10” or 5’9″ short hair, grey hoodie. On foot, no direction of flight.”

Police are now canvassing the entire area, light rail and have notified surrounding communities. The incident actually occurred on 7th Street between Clinton and Willow.

The victim apparently dropped his blackberry, but didn’t sound like he was actually robbed.


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My dad and I were shooting last year, he owns several rifles or varying power and caliber. One of which is a Mauser Karabiner 98k, standard WW2 German issue bolt action rifle. Some guy down the range shows up with an M1. Pretty cool to see both counterparts from so long ago in action. The M1 is a pretty bad-ass rifle. Would have loved to give it a try.


There are very clear differences between “pre ban” and “post ban” weapons.


I know, I own a bunch.

You had to render those on the list inoperable via removal of firing pins.


Hometeam, if you read the first sentence “NJ Restricts”, not “does not permit” … Basically, it just means you need to have a firearm ID card (issued by local PD), and then you have to register the weapon…
You’d be amazed what you can buy in a gun shop even here in NJ, which has the toughest gun laws in the country…


[quote comment=”105187″][quote comment=”105159″]Welcome back rapperd.

Would you happen to know which weapon is used by the British S.A.S. (Who Dares Wins)?

(btw, strand tramp is wondering if I was telling the truth that there is a tunnel underneath Washington St.. Are your 2 buddies still hanging around down in the basement?)[/quote]

Depends on the situation, but HK MP5s are definitely top of the list – right, rapper?[/quote]

Time to replay COD4 Single Player, awesome weapons