Patina Realty bought by Liberty Realty

Patina Realty acquired by Liberty; to close offices

Liberty Realty continues their dominance of Hoboken – as sources tell Hoboken411 that they apparently bought Patina Realty – and will close both their offices (Rutherford, Hoboken).

Guess that means another empty store front on the Avenue…

Description: Real Estate Agents Liberty Realty Real Estate Agents
Services: Real Estate Agents Liberty Realty Real Estate Agents
Address: 736 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030 (to close soon)
Telephone: 201-222-9955

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Soon they’ll only be 50 real estate offices in town! What’s next, nail salon consolidation?


Sorry to see Patina go. I appreciate how they kept up their historic storefront so well. So many classic storefronts (like the bricked-up one next door in the photo) have been lost over the years. Hopefully the next tenant will do the same. I’m not surprised by the consolidation in Hoboken’s Real Estate sector. It’s actually overdue.