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A new holy place in Hoboken in an unlikely setting – Bow Tie Cinemas – where Hollywood shows it’s satanic filth to paying customers! Maybe this will help disinfect local residents who fall for the trap! Great idea!

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Starting this October 6, 2019,  Hoboken will be host to a new neighborhood Christian church. Located at the Bow Tie Cinemas – Hoboken’s only movie theater – Mile Square Church will be holding weekly worship services in theater five at 10am. 


The church’s mission is to be a compelling connection to Christ and the Christian community. As a result they have a vision to be a worshipping community where you can come as you are. Some communities demand conformity before one can belong there, but Mile Square Church insists that there is no expectation to be anyone other than you are when you walk through the door. Whether you come loaded with skepticism and unbelief, or as a long-time Christian seeking a new church home, you’re invited to come experience Christ in the midst of community.


Since their invitation is so broad, they anticipate questions and even objections to what is shared on Sunday morning. Therefore, you’re invited to bring your questions. The church wants to encourage a dialogue and it desires to navigate the tension of belonging and belief so that even when there is persistent disagreement, the door for more dialogue and life together always remains open. To facilitate this, you will be encouraged to text in your questions to the church on Sunday mornings or write them down on an index card. Pastor Matt Lytikainen will seek to address at least one of those questions at the close of the service.


However, the church’s endeavors are broader than simply what happens on Sunday mornings. They also have a regular slate of weekly events ranging from socializing at different bars and restaurants in town to volunteering as part of a partnership with the Hoboken Housing Authority. One of these weekly events is a community function known as Real Talk, the basic premise of which is to raise the bar on the quality of conversations that are worth having. The group skillfully navigates hot button cultural, political, and even philosophical topics. September’s conversation examined transhumanism, October’s the somewhat humorous debate on the existence of ghosts, and November’s will discuss moral relativity. Real Talk is scheduled for every fourth Wednesday of the month and their community events at the Hoboken Housing Authority occur every second Saturday of the month.


If you’re searching for a Christian community in Hoboken where skepticism and questions are welcome, consider Mile Square Church. The services are held weekly, starting October 6 at 10am at the Bow Tie Cinemas (409-415 14th St) on the corner of 14th and Grand St under the viaduct. For parents, they offer both childcare for children aged 0-6 and encourage parents to worship with their children if they so wish. For more information on these and related questions about the church, you may visit or email the church at You can also call them at 201-754-5271 and visit them on Facebook and Instagram @milesquarechurch.

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