Evolution of Mobile Slot Games

“Going to the casino” used to involve gathering up your buds and making a night of it. No longer do you need to even get out of your pajamas to wager your money!

Evolution of Mobile Slot Games

Most online slots are currently available for mobile play just like the Barbados Bingo games, but this is a relatively new convenience believe it or not. Since the invention of the slot machine in 1891 a strong arm was required to wrench the lever with all their might to make the reels spin. This built-in exercise feature lasted until slot machines become electronic during the 1960s. Still, they weren’t nearly as diverse or accessible as they are today. The evolution of technology has been drastically affected since the invention of the RNG (Random Number Generator) in 1984. This program can be found in all slot games to generate a fixed payout rate randomly to players.

barbados bingo slots - Evolution of Mobile Slot Games

The Popularity of Online Casinos and Mobile Slots

Mobiles have had games on them since 1997 when Nokia introduced its prototype with the infamous Snakes game. This was the only type of mobile gaming available for the next eight years until in 2005 the first mobile slot was introduced – Pub Fruity by Java. It was a classic slot of a 3 x 3 grid and one pay line. Besides this slot, there were mini-games, like jackpots, available. This was the first special feature on a mobile slot.

Poker Saved the Day

The introduction of the mobile slot in 2005 did not pick up steam and the idea of mobile gambling was beginning to fade. However, the poker craze at the time led to the success of another game, Texas Hold’em. This game allowed players to collect chips, play in tournaments, and open new spots.

Smartphone Gaming

With Apple’s release in 2007, the new technology had many people curious and excited to try out the features promised. Its release was followed shortly by the introduction of the App Store the year after. This revolutionized the way players and developers of slots interacted and gave producers direct access to their target market. This App Store was referred to as Android Market and it is now called Google Play. This development allowed players to download games to their phones. In relation to slots, this was the first-time customers could play for cash.

slots free spins - Evolution of Mobile Slot Games

Mobile Casinos

While the industry was abuzz with the developments taking place, many markets were unlocked to the added convenience mobiles brought to the table. Many companies hit pause on game development for PCs and focused on slots that could be played on smartphones instead. As mobiles get more advanced, so do their games.

These days there are more mobile slot players around than there are players in actual casinos around the world. Besides slots and poker, there are other versions of casino games that are available for download such as roulette and blackjack.

The Possibilities

Technological innovation is at an all-time high, there are various options of gameplay which can be adapted to devices like smart watches for instance – all it needs is a screen and access to the internet. This has been done by the Android watch and companies are racing to catch up to this newest adaption of gameplay.

There are other avenues that are waiting to be explored such as virtual reality. The evolution of the mobile slot feels like it happened overnight. Who knows what else gaming companies will come up with in the near future.

online slots - Evolution of Mobile Slot Games

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