Local is low-hanging fruit to keep you distracted {big picture}

– local laws & politicians
– petty crime and annoyances
– new ways to spend money (bars, restaurants, shops)
– all things like commutes, and other complaints about what bothers people
– Where you are

Big picture – observations – connecting the dots

One interesting way to see that every “local” area is just a little hive of compartmentalization. Take a ride an hour or two any direction from here – and stop at various places along the way.

Observe the differences in each town. Look at the residents, the class of people. The kinds of commerce, and the overall “condition” of each little city. Sometimes even just short distances from each other.

Why such disparity?

local hoboken - Local is low-hanging fruit to keep you distracted {big picture}

Individual ways to rob people

NJ has over 600 municipalities. Each has their own city property tax rate, as well as different “laws” (like dumb plastic bag bans, etc.) and own crew of “enforcers.”

It boils down to gangs. “Which one will steal the least from us?”

Same with “Shop Local” – why?

The whole shop local thing is exactly the same.

If you owned a business – would you hire some person just because they were part of some decreed “minority” of some kind (gender, race, etc.?)

No, you’d hire them based on MERIT and skills.

The same should hold true for any business, local or not. If they provide a good value – then they are worth doing business with.

JUST BECAUSE something is “local,” doesn’t automatically give it merit. Local is just a demographic, just like race or gender. Everything is unique in an individual way.

And shopping local doesn’t necessarily help the community whatsoever. In fact, having people shop outside of local usually helps the city more – as unsuspecting visitors usually get ticketed more often because they don’t know the lay of the land!

Plus more than half the business owners and employees do not live in Hoboken, or whatever locale they work in.

Local doesn’t taste better, either.

Value, value, value!

We’ll say it again.

Everything in this world shares some commonalities – like value.

How value is determined is unique to the individual.

Most folks like getting a fair exchange for their money.

Others prefer paying more for some things because they may value taste or experience more than the financial value. Fine and dandy.

After bars and alcohol, our guess is that whatever disposable income is left in Hoboken is spent online. Just look at the UPS trucks!

But shopping local – the reason anyone does it, is self-absorption and virtue-signaling. Or they know the people personally.

Local is just psychological marketing to distract

For many years – the “shop local” marketing has visibly increased. To the point where it has exceeded “static” levels of overload.

There is so much “local” marketing in each and every city, county, and state – that it is most likely useless. Waste of time and money for everyone.

I guess another way of putting it is either “terminal velocity,” or “over-saturation.” It’s absolutely time to STOP this dead cause – and re-tool the entire mindset.

local is just stuff near you that is all - Local is low-hanging fruit to keep you distracted {big picture}

How about “THE BEST?”

Shopping local for emotional or psychological reasons may have worked a while ago. But as you can see – it doesn’t really do shit in 2019 and beyond.

It’s time to put the onus on the owners of the local shops, bars, and restaurants to step up their game.

Not to guilt consumers into shopping local for whatever fake reasons why it’s necessary.

Because people aren’t stupid. Part of the reason why shop local (or dumb restaurant weeks) don’t work as well as they used to – is because you can only fool folks a few times before they go elsewhere.

Quietly – most people now don’t give a shit about “shop local.”

They instead, internally say “show me the value, bitch – and I’ll support you!”

And speak with their wallets when they do indeed encounter value.

Sadly, this is why lower-price places win in the long run. Even for wealthier people who want to keep what they have!

Because consumers inherently understand value more than you think. Marketing only works for so long – then it doesn’t.

Remind me – how does paying more “locally” help?

Here’s another reason why “shop local” is a complete bullshit scam.

Say you like some jeans. The local shop sells them for $120.

Or, you can buy them online with free shipping and free returns – for $50.

What is “worth” more? $120 for the shop-owner? Or $70 more in the pocket for the local Hoboken resident to spend elsewhere?

Local is a matter of convenience; easy to group

One reason “local” gathers attention is that the locality itself groups people together – whether they like it or not.

It’s easy. As in, you don’t have to travel very far, nor have to wait. While you can get practically anything overnight online – local you can have today.

Most people do the majority of their shopping at places that are closest. For whatever reason, usually, so they can get back home as quickly as possible. While this is reasonable for commodities like groceries, it’s hard to justify almost everything else – since the “world is your oyster.” And “patience is a virtue.”

So shopping local is more of a buzzword than it is a virtue.

What matters locally – family, friends, and (sometimes) neighbors

Like we said – shopping locally (and other local things) works when there is value. Not just because it’s in your ‘hood.

What is most important is taking care of those closest to you. Like your own family (regardless of where they live). And perhaps your friends – and only sometimes your neighbors, provided they are worthy of support. In big cities like Hoboken, a good portion of the residents have gone off track (with politics and other divisive distractions designed to polarize the community.)

Local isn’t anything if people are struggling in any capacity. The residents should be prepared, skilled, educated, and truly productive individuals. Unfortunately – most are narcissistic, self-absorbed, and ultimately selfish. Don’t forget conned useful idiots for other virtuous causes.

In the end – the “local” everyone should be concerned with is their own survival. Everything else is secondary.

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