Football Bar: The Shannon


Here’s another entry for where you might want to catch some of your favorite pigskin action: The Shannon!


Shannon has a lot of space and TV’s

College Football Saturdays:
Shannon features the ESPN GamePlan plus the Big Ten Network on 17 HD TVs. The Sportspage channel gives you the scores and spreads for all games for the day.

Have a huge gang of fans 10 or more? They’ll put the game on the 106″ projector with surround sound just for your crew.
Specials include $10 Buckets of Miller Lite, $12 bucket of Bud/Bud Light/Coors Light $8 Domestic pitchers and Miller Lite giveaways!

Super Sundays!
Full NFL Superticket in HD on the same 17 HD TVs and ginormous 106″ Projector.

The Buffalo Bills Backers hang out in the front bar with sound on for the Bills Game. Sound for the second game of the day, depending on the crowd that shows up on 6 HD TVs in the front showing multiple games.

The Back room has 11 HD TVs plus that insane super-sized projector. Major game of the week (or majority rules) shown on projector with surround sound. Game is usually Jets or Giants. A zany Bud Light End Zone Dance Contest each week. Show off your dance moves if you scored a touchdown! Weekly winners compete for a 42″ plasma tv at the end of the season. Same beer specials.

See Monday night specials and trivia after the jump!

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Monday Night Football!
Happy Hour Never Ends! Specials are $1 domestic Mugs, $2 domestic Pints and the $3 U Call-It! (bottles, draft, wine & call mixed drinks)

Play QB1 on the NTN Buzztime Trivia system for your chance to win up to $10,000 in cash! Weekly winners walk away with a prize. For more info log on to

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