Why do movie stats matter at all {if ever?}

Why do movie stats matter at all {if ever?}

We don’t read the news like we used to. More like scanning the headlines from afar before we go in-depth. No longer should anyone just soak up the narratives they peddle.

One such daily glance is the headlines of a curated site like Drudge.

Besides the geo-political “news” that usually gets the most coverage, readers constantly have to see retarded headlines about Hollywood movies – and “opening weekend” stats or how much a movie made. Bust or not.

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Quite possibly the most useless of all information known to mankind.

Why does anyone care about Hollywood?

I wonder why “independent” sites like that still bother covering the money a movie makes.

Why do people care about how much a horrible movie with shallow entertainers earns?

How can anyone even prove what the revenue flow is anyway? Surely those numbers can be fudged for whatever reason they want (like to trick people into thinking they “must” see it – because so many other people supposedly did?)

They probably promote this junk – because there are enough people that give a crap about it. In other words – reporting on it is obviously lucrative enough to keep it coming.

All just useless chatter and rhetoric

If someone in my office came up to me and said: “Did you hear how much money (insert dumb flick name here) made last weekend?” I’d want to punch them in the neck. But I’d probably control my urges and just say “shut the fuck up.”

That, and self-congratulatory shows like Oscars, and other stupid “red-carpet” celebrity garbage. While fascinating from a sociological perspective (i.e., “where did humanity go wrong?”) it’s also sad that hard-working people (peons) sometimes even look up to these cardboard-cutout personalities.

Sure – there are some quality “films” out there – but it’s just bizarre they had to create another whole industry regarding gossip and financials. And even more bizarre that a good amount of people keep up on such utterly useless data.

Imagine our country if we could reclaim that lost time.

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