Lost: Diamond Pendant


Anyone find a triple diamond pendant anywhere in Hoboken?

Needle in a haystack

hoboken-lost-diamond-pendant.jpg“My diamond pendant fell off of the chain around my neck yesterday. It happened somewhere between leaving my apartment at first and Bloomfield st. and the Path, or maybe on the Path or… I don’t know, I actually noticed it missing when I was on 34th st.

It has three diamonds stacked in a vertical row and was a gift from my boyfriend, so of course I would love to somehow get it back and would give a cash reward for it.

If you can post this on Hoboken411, that would be great.”

Miracles do happen, and if someone finds this precious piece of jewelry anywhere – please email me at Hoboken411@gmail.com and I’ll contact the reader.

PS, I just put a random three-diamond pendant as the visual – it could vary from what was actually lost. Thanks!

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The lost pendant is similar to the photo. One difference is that mine was silver instead of gold.


whewwhewwhew, I assume that you are kidding, but if anyone were to return it to me, I would certainly pay more than $25 for it.


I found this. It is at the Pawn Shop on Bergenline Avenue in Union City. I got $25.00 for it! Ask for Big Earl.