“Art” is just pretentious crap!

Just like wine notes, food-pairings, today’s music, auto-filtered photos, and much more – “art” is right up there in the bullshit category.



Video: Los Angelenos Can’t Tell if Paintings Were Done by Artist or 2-Year-Old

By Paul Joseph Watson

Modern art is dreadful.

A video shows people in Los Angeles being unable to tell if paintings were created by an artist or a 2-year-old, once again underscoring how most modern art is pretentious, unskilled crap.

Will Witt, Dennis Prager, and some children created several “paintings” consisting of little else but random splodges and none of the respondents could tell which ones were created by the kids.

Most of the people reacted by attempting to decipher meaning out of something completely meaningless, presumably in an effort to not appear uncultured or ignorant.
When a piece of art is so vague that literally any meaning can be imposed on it, it has no meaning at all.

Only one of the respondents, a female police officer, was honest in her response, commenting, “It just looks like scribbles.”

As I document in the video below, modern art is a racket.

Most so-called modern art, some of which is literally trash, only gets featured in galleries if it carries a left-wing social justice message.

Collectors and galleries also use obscurantism to disguise the fact that the majority of it is talentless dross and an insult to the senses.


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