Making Halloween less commercial

Making Halloween less commercial {too mainstream!}

Have you ever thought about the fake holiday known as “Halloween?” The more you look into it, the more you realize how wicked evil it is – from many perspectives!

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1. Mainstream narratives are the “costumes.”

A majority of the costumes people choose are mostly in support of bullshit mainstream ideals, such as:

  • TV, movie, cartoon, and video game characters – further solidifying a lifetime of worthless addiction to passive entertainment.
  • Same goes for sports personalities.
  • Doctor and medical uniforms – attempting to scare people into thinking they “need” more healthcare than necessary. I wonder how many people will dress up as Opioid victims?

2. Candy and completely harmful “foods.”

To add insult to injury, the “treats” now associated with “Halloween” are totally bad for everyone. Thus, they support both the medical and dental industries. Oh, and don’t forget the big, bad, companies that sell these lab-created “sweets.”

Some connection to pop culture

I’d say less than 0.1% of the “costumes” every year don’t have a connection to consumerism or mainstream pop culture. Even the unique ones are a form or derivative of pop culture.

Whatever the case – it just shows how incredibly widespread the infiltration of these “entertainments” really is in society. I’d go as far as to say impossible to remove.

Note: Does anyone truly know the history of Halloween?

To us – it seems that the “real” origin of Halloween has too many theories – and the truth of it may never be fully known (since it is apparently nearly 2,000 years old).

However – we know this – it has been corrupted and modified via mainstream narratives. Whatever the true meaning is or was – is truly no longer relevant in any capacity whatsoever. ZERO people “celebrate” today the way they used to. And that doesn’t really matter. Most holidays are utterly ridiculous anyway – with no connection to anyone at all.

What matters is what is now connected to this holiday. Consumerism. Mainstream pop culture. And unhealthful consumption.

Or in other words – it’s truly a useless holiday most lemming-like humans follow without any critical thinking at all. They just do it because it had been done previously. And spend that money without thought. Blind leading the blind.

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