Medical care, doctors, and “health”

Medical care, doctors, and “health”

Some quick observations about the world we live in, specifically regarding “health,” and how in the world it is that so many people are “sick” and in need of pills and all sorts of medical procedures, care, etc.

(Note that we haven’t been to a “Doctor” in nearly two decades. We’ve never felt better!)

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“Just like I planned! You need treatment and pills now!”

Do regular Doctor visits cause harm?

The main question I have is – Are regular visits to the Doctor actually harmful?

What I mean is – that when you visit the MD, they run tests, take some blood, etc.

And then, much of the time (pretty much always) – there is something “wrong” with you. Often that includes things that might be considered “scary” for some people. And they want to “fix” it ASAP!

Most of the time – that means PILLS to take. (And money to be made for said Doctor and Pharma companies).

They sell fear – and quite possibly do so via false, or over-exaggerated diagnosis.

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Do problems cure themselves?

One theory we have is that most, if not all people – if given a full body scan and “check-up,” will register something wrong with them, that the medical industry conveniently has a “remedy” for.

(I.e., “restless leg syndrome,” which is just byproduct of bad diet high in sugar and carbs).

But what if the remedy is just let the body take care of it?

Is it possible that the body can, and will cure itself?

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Listen to your Body

Another good way to avoid health issues is probably to “listen” to your body.

It starts by eating the right foods. Avoid processed crap and blood-sugar raising foods. We firmly believe that sugar is a crime against humanity. Read Sugar Blues for more on that.

Eating bad foods, in our opinion, creates “static” (i.e., noise) which makes it hard to single-out what is happening with your body. Like trying to read a book in the middle of a music concert.

If you quiet down the junk consumption, then – you might be more in-tune with what is going on. Feel something funny? Connect the dots and perhaps adjust your lifestyle (i.e., liver pain – cut back your drinking, etc.)

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They prey on fear – one of the best human selling points!

Fear is your enemy

The reason we have such a quagmire with the medical industry, bad treatments, and deadly pills – is because they (those who benefit) got WAY too greedy with their racket.

The fear peddling worked so well – that they kept going, and going and going! And are still going stronger than ever.

And sadly, even with big proven cases (like Lipitor, Statins, and other cholesterol issues), the pharma companies and the doctors that enabled it – get nothing but a slap on the wrist. Maybe every now and then they throw a poster-child under the bus just to make it appear that someone was held accountable.

But nothing really changes. The human condition still exists, as well as those who take advantage of it.

Perhaps it’s time to break the chains of this dependency on the medical system.

Future historians might look back 100 years from now to point out how gullible society was.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019 12:39 am

We’re with you on this. Once you step back and see what is happening it is clear as day. Hardly anyone thinks about the mechanisms behind this elaborate structure. Some of my friends are starting to question it, but they’re led towards other stupid alternatives. Solutions that are convenient, but just as worthless. Like veganism and similar feel good emotional scams.

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