The Shannon Cup 2008

9/12/2008 Update:

In case you were wondering how the USA did versus “the world” on the first day of The 2008 Shannon Cup, see the recap below. (Oh, and yes, it’s darts. If you weren’t a dimwit born yesterday, you’d know that darts have been around much longer than “flip cup” and I promise you that they’ll be around way after too.)

It’s a dead heat

“Day one of The Shannon Cup has been completed and the competition is fierce! Both teams brought their A games with The World looking to take The Cup from the U.S. team this year. The beer was flowing, darts were flying and trash was being talked as the two teams battled it out to take the lead going into the second and final day. The World had a one game lead going into the last match of the night, but the U.S. won it to bring the score to a 14-14 tie.

Join us on Saturday, Sept 9th at 1:00pm at The Shannon on First St. as Hoboken’s top dart players battle it out for the $1,000 cash prize and the coveted plaque. Meet #10 ranked Tim “The Dagger” O’Gorman, too!”



Starting tonight, The Shannon Lounge is hosting the second annual two-day dart event pitting the USA vs. “The World”.

Seasoned dart aficionados will be gathering on September 9th and 13th to compete for prizes. #10 ranked professional dart player Tim “The Dagger” O’Gorman will also be there to put Hoboken players to shame, and make them wish they took up Guitar Hero instead.

Specials, food, prizes and more. Check it out!

The Shannon Cup is back!

The 2nd Annual Shannon Cup begins TONIGHT at 7pm The Shannon, located at 106 First St. Hoboken, NJ. The Shannon Cup is our original style two day dart tournament, September 9th and 13th, that pits U.S. born dart players versus foreign born players, making it “USA vs. The World.”

For spectator entertainment on Sept. 13th, we have acquired professional dart player Tim “The Dagger” O’Gorman. The Dagger is currently ranked 10th in the U.S. and lost only to the winner of ESPN’s World Series of Darts. He will be demonstrating the skills that make him a professional and anybody who dares to try can sign up to “Beat the Pro.” We will be holding a special raffle of a signed Dennis “The Menace” Taylor dart board with all proceeds going to Cancer Research. Our rosters are set, so pick your side US or THEM, and come cheer your team on at The Shannon. Visit our website for more information at

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forgot to mention Tavern Tax! Another great sponsor of the event!


Congrats go to Team World captained by Len Hehir. It was a close match coming down to 601. The Shannon Lounge hosted a great event thanks to Tara’s preperation and Nancy’s outstanding food. Special thanks to all the sponsor’s- Hoboken411, Bayonne community bank, hudson lawmen’s softball association, choice reality, Studio’s llc and budweiser. And of course Tim “the dagger” O’Gorman for for demonstrating his dart skills. Hope to see you all again next year.

If anyone is interested we will be holding blind draw tournaments on Saturday afternoons beginning shortly. more details to follow.


“..versus – the Foreigner!

‘I’m not from here, I have my own customs! Look at my craaazy passport!!'”