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We’re one of the people who have all but stopped truly following any and all professional sports “entertainment.” None of it is important to anyone (except those that have chosen to make a living from it in some way – like gambling, merchandise, coverage of, or actually participating.) Although we felt like making a prediction that the Yankees would be World Series Champs.

As you can see below – one of the primary reasons (besides realizing it’s an utter waste of time) that sportsball is in decline – is the infiltration of bad seeds. For whatever perverted reason, the old tradition is being mucked up with pointless other rhetoric. Destroying a culture is one way to dismantle an entire country. And sports is just one of many aspects of our culture today.

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Thoughts On Sportsball

By Zman

Sportsball has started up with college programs kicking off their season and the professional sportsball getting started this week. Like most dissidents, I have lost interest in sportsball, for the most part. I’ll watch the college games, mostly because I tend to work on Saturday afternoon. I’ll put on whatever game is available and listen to it while getting work done. The professional games are close to unwatchable. The media presentation is unbearable and the games themselves are not good.

Professional sportsball is totally poz’d up now. During their summer practice period, there were stories about allowing girls to play. Since a girl would get snapped in half playing sportsball with men, the point of entry is kicking. A girl calling herself Carli Lloyd is contemplating a tryout as a NFL kicker. Where this stands at this point is unknown, but the idea of it is ridiculous. I’ve been to a lot of sportsball games in my life and never have I heard anyone say they hoped to see a girl playing the game.

I’ll take it further and say I vehemently oppose adding girls to sportsball. In fact, I’m OK with ending girls sports entirely. Girls should not be playing sports. They should be learning how to be proper women. Exercise is fine, but teaching girls to compete like men is as dumb as trying to teach a fish to ride a bicycle. Sure, a bear playing piano, a monkey drinking a beer and girls playing basketball can be amusing. Building a society around freak show attractions, however, is barbaric madness.

Probably the most vulgar example of this barbaric nonsense is female fighting, like UFC or boxing. Reportedly, a Chinese lesbian beat up a white lesbian to win a trophy and become the first Asian lesbian to do so. The sick bastards that stage this stuff would be torn to pieces and fed to the dogs. The beta perverts enjoying these displays should be sent to the camps. Only a degenerate wants to see women beat one another to a pulp in a fighting ring. This is not how civilized people treat their women.

The reason this nonsense is pushed on us is mostly spite. The fans of sportsball are overwhelmingly male. The paying fans are overwhelmingly white male. Since the religion of the ruling class is based in hated of white males, forcing girls, homosexuals and exotics into the games is normal now. Over the weekend, a sportsball player announced to great, orchestrated fanfare, that he is bisexual. The whole point of these stories is to ruin what little enjoyment white males can find these days.

Of course, when normal men object to this crap, the response from the usual suspects is “why does this bother you?” The answer is that the whole point of forcing this junk on sportsball fans is to bother them. That’s the reason they have girl referees and girl coaches now. It’s why they keep trying to interject homosexuals into the story. The point of the question is to obscure the fact that our cultural masters are trying hard to ruin anything that normal men find enjoyable. These people hate us.

Putting all of that aside, what jumps out when watching sportsball these days is how everything is drenched in sentimentality. Instead of presenting the two squads fighting one another on the field, the game is filled with stories of how the various players had to overcome hardship. You get the sense that the next revolution in television is going to be a hookup that causes the viewer to experience sadness, anguish and despair, as each of the heroic stories is relayed during the game.

It’s not just the television presentation. The coaches and players have all been trained to complain about the difficulties they have had to overcome in order to be in the sportsball competition. Every player says no one thought he could do whatever it is he did and every coaches swears his team overcame great adversity. The point of a sportsball presentation is to convince the viewer that life is hopelessly rigged against you and only the exceptions find any happiness. Just kill yourself.

Presumably, the presentation is popular, but it is hard to know. The normal people I know all complain about the way sportsball is presented. Many have simply stopped following this stuff as a result. My interest has waned, for sure. On the other hand, they say the television ratings are strong, so people must watch this stuff. Then again, the ratings for these shows are probably a lie like everything else these days. The presentation of constant sorrow comes with constant lies.

The funny thing, though, is a key part of keeping the populace pacified is keeping them entertained with things like sportsball. Allowing the lunatics into to ruin it for the target audience seems like a bad move. In dissident circles, you find lots of former sportsball fans, so a good way to fight the dissidents would be to make sportsball attractive to the typical white guy. Maybe these people’s need to hate us simply overcomes their desire to rule over us. Hatred is a powerful narcotic.

On the other hand, maybe the hardcore sportsball fans can be counted on to overlook the poz that is slathered onto the presentation. If you are really into following your team, maybe you don’t notice the rest of it, so the proselytizing falls on deaf ears. Those who notice either turn off these shows or already believe the nonsense. The effort to poison the minds of white males is just a waste of resources, maybe even driving white males away from media and into dissident politics.

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