ShopRite Wholesome Pantry Snacks

ShopRite Wholesome Pantry Snacks

With summer now over, we have a chance to share our experiences with the ShopRite Wholesome Pantry Summer Snacking kit we received.

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It consisted of a handful of organic packaged food items. “Snacks” that many people might eat while on the road or passively watching TV. Or, as a side for your lunch, etc.

We don’t eat carbs – so we can only personally speak about the Raw Cashews that were included. We’re not big fans of raw cashews, as they are relatively flavorless and mealy. But we soaked them in coconut oil and baked them until crispy and brown. Added a heaping mound of sea salt and they were delicious. Keep that in mind. People talk about nutritional content raw vs cooked. We don’t care, as we get most of our nourishment from red meat. Most snacks for us don’t happen anymore, as we’re not hungry – and have absolutely no desire to eat unnecessarily.

However – here is some feedback regarding the other items in the summer snacking kit:

► Wholesome Pantry Granola Squares: We received Maple Pumpkin with Sea Salt, and a more basic Oats & Honey. “Very Sweet,” was one response, and “glad they’re organic” was another.

► Wholesome Pantry Dried Mango Slices: Basically dehydrated mangoes. “Good alternative to candy.”

► Wholesome Pantry Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips: We tried a couple of these. Haven’t eaten chips in ages. The sweet potato taste was evident. However, so was some odd “oil” taste that didn’t quite belong. We suspect these would be better if they were warmed in an oven at 200 degrees for five minutes – like a Mexican restaurant.

► Wholesome Pantry Fruit and Nut Bar: Another “sweet and chewy” experience similar to the granola squares. No real benefit other than being “organic.”

If you need to eat like this – Organic and affordable are best

It’s hard for us to personally recommend eating very sweet, dense foods like chewy granola bars. However, if you are still in need of these items – The Wholesome Pantry Organic versions are probably your best bet.

Why? Because they’re organic – and they cost less than other “brand names.”

I’d suggest finding other Wholesome Pantry organic foods that have substantially less sugar. Hopefully, ShopRite can be brave and begin a low-carb, keto, carnivore line of foods. They will have a significant user base and will be one of the first major brands to accept this growing trend of health-minded individuals. Being a leader can reap huge benefits.

Perhaps they’ll listen. Or maybe they have considered it – but realized the push-back from the food industry wouldn’t be worth being blacklisted.

What are your thoughts about these Wholesome Pantry snacks? Or snacking in general?

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