The Devil’s Dictionary

Thankfully, there remain other people out there that see what is happening clearly. Those caught up in the mentally retarded game of false virtue signaling cannot even comprehend it. This is a shining example of why most people would benefit by removing or severely reducing their involvement in both mainstream media as well as low hanging-fruit politics. Sick world we live in.

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The Devil’s Dictionary

By Severian

We seem determined to do Gettysburg II: Electric Boogaloo sometime in the near future.  But just so you can’t say nobody warned you, I’ll make one last effort to explain to the “Democracy dies in darkness” crowd just why things are going to happen the way they are.

Since all of you Media people have been to college, you’re comfortable with academia’s bizarre lingo.  On campus, nobody means what they say, because nobody on campus uses words the normal way.  I’m not just talking about fugly jargon like “intersectionality.”  Even more-or-less everyday words mean something very different in the ivory tower.

Take “privilege.”  In the real world, a “privilege” is something tangible — like how you say “it’s an unofficial fringe benefit” when you swipe a case of pens from the office.  On campus, though, “privilege” means…. well, it’s actually really hard to tell what it means, and that’s the heart of the problem.  As near as most people can figure, it just means “something bad that other people have,” or — stranger, but more in line with how the term is actually used — “something bad that other people are.

With me?  It matters, because y’all insist on lecturing us 24/7 about the vast and ever-growing threat of “White privilege.”  To y’all, of course, this means nothing more than “Look at how virtuous we are for hating Whitey!  Come sing our praises!”… but normal people, who use words the normal way, actually start looking around for this “privilege” White folks supposedly have.  And guess what?  Not only don’t they find any, but they find the exact opposite of that — these days, a White guy would probably get twenty years in the slammer for swiping a case of pens, but a Black guy can be a violent, gun-toting, drug-slinging, repeatedly-parole-violating thug and get a five-part documentary made about him by Amazon, the largest retailer on the planet (and whose founder, not coincidentally, owns the Washington Post).

That’s bad enough, but then y’all combine it with another word you — and only you — use in this particular way: “Political.”  The way y’all use it invariably means “left-wing.”  E.g. when an aging, suddenly thunder-thighed pop tart — Taylor Swift, say — starts lining herself up to be a Very Serious Artist, y’all insist on calling her songs “political,” by which you mean “SJW boilerplate plus a drum machine.”  The problem is, out in the real world, normal people think “politics” comes in at least two varieties…

Which leads to the third misunderstanding, the one that’s guaranteed to end in bloodshed.  See, in y’all’s tiny little pea brains there’s a clear distinction between “violence” and “free speech” — free speech y’all don’t like is “violence;” violence y’all approve of is “free speech.”  This is as befuddling to normal folks as y’all’s definitions of “privilege” and “political.”  To normal people, doing your very best to put a guy in a coma by braining him with a bike lock is violence, full stop.  It doesn’t matter what either party’s personal opinions are when their interaction ends with one of them getting his skull taped back together.

But that’s not how y’all see it.  In your world, Media “people” (using the word only in its strictest biological sense), all the violence was coming from the guy who got his skull cracked — he was out there voicing opinions of which y’all disapprove.  Meanwhile, the skull-cracker had the correct opinions, so his very earnest attempts to kill someone were “free speech.”  The crackee had “privilege;” and so the skull-cracking was “political,” therefore “free speech,” therefore ok.  Better than ok, in fact, because having “privilege” means you’re a “White supremacist,” which means you deserved it.

Here is the point, Media “people,” the incandescently obvious point, in boldface, blockquoted type so you can’t possibly miss it:

To normal people, this looks like y’all are cheerleading for indiscriminate violence.

Because, you see, as far as normal people can tell, y’all think political violence is ok — because it’s not actually violence; it’s “free speech.”  Out in the real world, hospitalizing a guy is assault.  You go to jail for it.  But Antifa goons don’t go to jail for it, because — again, pay attention, this is crucial — according to y’all, it isn’t really “assault,” because it’s political.  See what I mean?  You and all your friends know that “political” means “left-wing” — right-wingers don’t have politics, only “hate” — but normal people don’t  have the secret decoder ring they issue y’all at J-school orientation.  Instead, they see a very obvious domestic terrorist walk on felony charges because he did it in the name of a political movement.

If this were a novel, everyone reading would throw it across the room at this point, because the “twist” is just so fucking obvious.  But since “ability to grok the obvious” disqualifies you from getting a Journalism degree, I’ll explain: You “people” are responsible for the mass shootings.  Yes, all of them.  Anyone who is unhinged enough to consider shooting up a WalMart in the first place surely isn’t mentally stable enough to play y’all’s silly little word games.  A person like that sees y’all defending stuff like The Hunt and concludes that the way to win your hearts is to open fire in a public place.

And hey, since we’ve gone this far in our futile quest for understanding, I’ll even give y’all the answer: Words mean what they mean.  “Free speech” means free speech, even if Donald Trump is speaking; “violence” means violence, even if it’s coming from Antifa.  Y’all won’t take this advice, of course — y’all are on the Right Side of History, after all, and “revolutionaries” have made you cream your jeans since the 1960s — but y’all could change the “climate of hate” any time you choose.  When the inevitable happens, remember: It’s all your fault.

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