Commerce/TD Banknorth closing?


Boy, Hoboken411 reader hobojoe is on a roll lately. On top of the pics he took of the uptown flooding during our relationship with tropical storm Hanna, he found this ridiculous nugget about TD Banknorth / Commerce bank.

td banknorth commerce bank south hoboken - Commerce/TD Banknorth closing?

What do you mean drive-up windows?

“We all knew that when TD bought Commerce something in Hoboken would close. Seems like they’re closing the big, old 101 Washington St. branch and directing everyone to the Commerce branch across from Starbucks (the one on Newark and Hudson, that is).

Here’s the funny thing though: In their list of big selling points about the new branch are ‘more parking, drive-up windows’ Uhh, I don’t think that the branch they’re telling you to go to has either of those features. It seems that by leaving a branch with it’s own dedicated parking lot, and going to one with no parking whatsoever, there would be less parking!

Click here to read the letter he received.

And take a look at “new location” as detailed on the TD Banknorth website! Completely not going to happen in Hoboken!

hoboken commerce bank virtual tour - Commerce/TD Banknorth closing?

Someone in their “form letter” department might have to be spoken with…

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I called 101 Washington closing a few months ago. That banking hall is so dilapidated and filled with outmoded 1960s desks, chairs, PC equipment, along with cables, cameras and wires strung around like a third grader installed them. I just hope that TD Bank or TD Commerce Bank (whatever they end up calling it after they settle the “Commerce Bank” name lawsuit in Massachusetts) will keep the No Fee ATM deal.

I also hope that TD Bank keeps its ATMs at 101 Washington until…Bank of America remodels and relocates there. That is my next call…BofA will be kicked out of their “redevelopment zone” next to the HPD.


Here’s another oddity.

The letter I got said that as a TD Banknorth account holder, I could ONLY deposit checks into my account at the Newark Street location.

I could do other transactions at other Commerce Bank locations, but ONLY at the Newark Street location could I do deposits.

This does not help me, since I moved out of Hoboken a couple weeks ago.

But I stopped in a Commerce Bank location in Westchester, and the whole staff was in agreement at of course I could make deposits there as a TD Banknorth account holder, that everything was integrated, etc. They even called corporate HQ to verify it.



They’re closing the branch at 609 Washington too.

I got a letter about that one in the mail.

So that’s 2 REALLY large spaces that are going to be empty on Washington Street by the end of the month.


[quote comment=”104333″]Do I see a future 5th Starbucks location? :roll:[/quote]

Nope, they are in talks to convert it into the official Buggaboo Company Store. Services like replace shocks and struts, conversion kits as well as wheel balancing. Seminars on aggressive strolling, eating up all of the sidewalk 101 and “How to act like you are the sh*t because you bought a double wide $2000 stroller and only have one obnoxious little turd machine”.

Great day for Hoboken

hoboken hammer
hoboken hammer

Do I see a future 5th Starbucks location? 🙄