The internet used to be sort of useful

A short and sweet eulogy of what used to be. Hang on to what is still good before it’s memory-holed!

useful internet

The internet used to be sort of useful

Via Maggie’s Farm

The internet used to be sort of useful. I don’t think it is anymore.

Maggie’s Farm is like the old internet. I loved it. People bored with the usual tripe on TV and the radio could find all sorts of new and interesting viewpoints and useful information on the web. There were a lot of blogs, many interesting. Politics was way in the back. It’s weird, because you can watch a livestream of a skanky girl getting her bumhole tattooed on the internet, but I am here to testify that no one reveals much of anything anymore. People are really guarded about saying anything about themselves. Well, pleasant, sane people are. If you look at an Instagram “influencer” account, there are pictures posted every few minutes, but they’re all a put-on. Everything is search engine optimized, not written. The pictures are ads for a life that isn’t being lived, i.e., fake. Social media is a list of what other people want you to think they think.

The internet died when it shifted from desktop computers to phones. Well, that put it on life support. Google killed it dead when they said the only search engine that matters wouldn’t rank anything but the mobile version of a website. So the internet became a television broadcast with innumerable bad cable stations, projected on the same porthole-sized screen my grandmother had to watch Uncle Miltie. Ads took the place of all the entertainment, and cradle to grave stalking of the users took the place of ads. And since everyone brings their phone in the bathroom with them, you’re even being spied on in there now. Even Nielson families didn’t put up with that.

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