Stop with the weather porn!

Weather Porn is exhausting

Now that everyone has a smartphone – not ONE single person or publication should publish ANYTHING weather-related. Please stop with the weather porn!

Warnings, watches, and alerts. They’re excessive and akin to Chinese water torture.

It’s almost 2020, every single man, woman, and child on earth should know fundamentally how the weather works.

meaningless weather graphic - Stop with the weather porn!

A monkey has an equal chance of getting it right.

No further explanation or warning should be required.

Yet “fear” and “fear porn” still sell to this day.

And funny enough, even after getting it totally WRONG way more than half the time (even a flipped coin is more accurate) – people and “authorities” still continue to peddle the weather porn as if no one remembers their mistakes.

Sure – we’re being way too optimistic that people will change this nonsense. Fear and porn are top-sellers in the world.

Distracting weather news

Every person can get figure out how the weather will impact them in less than 15 seconds every day.

To get constant updates, alerts, watches, and warnings is unnecessary. In fact, it can be distracting to whatever else you’re doing.

We never had such repetitive information about the weather 20 years ago. And we made it just fine. Rainstorms haven’t changed ONE BIT. Why has the hype gotten worse?

And what is the point of “knowing” something (supposedly urgent) that almost never turns out as bad?

Sure from time to time, bad things happen. But that is par for the course living on planet Earth, no? It’s nice weather most of the time – how come almost everyone is NOT prepared for these unexpected events? They know it’s possible, right?

Why is it that “people never learn” how to handle this kind of circumstance in 2019 still?

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