Ignore all studies! They are bogus!

A growing trend in the past 10 years is the massive influx of “studies.” They’re usually attached to some kind of plan for action, or product to peddle. Ignore all studies! They are bogus!

case studies most are bogus - Ignore all studies! They are bogus!

Why you should ignore studies

If you haven’t figured it out yet – most studies are not performed because someone is eager to find the truth. Usually, it’s (so-called) justification to promote something else. They think that they have some kind of “proof” of something, thus lending “credibility.”

Also – many “studies” these days are basically “data mining” experiments based on already flawed (or fictitious) data.

They hope that most people simply by reading some carefully-crafted and authoritative-sounding article, that there is truth in it. Lies, in reality.

In fact, there is some truth. And that is the MOTIVES behind creating, publishing and propagating such studies.

Always connect the dots, follow the money, and figure out who benefits if any change is accomplished via such information.

The studies also provide “plausible deniability” by inserting another “layer” in said documents or articles. By talking to such “studies,” you don’t need to take ownership of the data you’re using for propaganda. Then, of course, most people don’t dig to see who paid for the studies. Often those sources are purposely obscured via bogus company names, people, etc. Eventually, though, the truth does “leak” out, but at that point, they don’t worry. They accomplished the public perception change they intended. They’re already five or six “studies” ahead of you.

Misinformation is the goal

For whatever strange reason – “studies” are even more popular than ever. There are more studies today – than ever before. Every frickin’ day I stumble upon something that says “studies show that…”

Look at how that worked out for body fat and global climate. Not well at all.

Yet another example of human flaws.

Doubt, Personal proof, and experience

Take everyone else out of the equation. Use yourself as the “litmus test.” How many times of feeling like something went wrong does it take for you to question “what you’ve been told?” Or what you read somewhere?

Then – look around. Look at how many other people are truly misguided. Fatsos everywhere. People following all the same trends as lemmings. Unhealthy fitness fanatics. Smoothie-drinking slobs. Head-to-toe tattoos. What is happening?

Most people are easily fooled. And not enough take the time to challenge the world as they see it.

If you take almost everything with a grain of salt, gauge your own individual experience, and use the power of observation – you can make sense of things.

Turning off the “mainstream narrative” (which is nearly everything that is made readily available), it is a big first step to making huge progress on your own personal improvement.

Have a good day.

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