Another reason to avoid most technology

Another reason to avoid most technology

Even if it looks fun, sound fun, or just plain IS fun – doesn’t mean you need to do it. Here is another reason to avoid most technology:

Police: Motorist Was Playing Pokémon Go On Eight Phones Simultaneously

I mean this is a stupid story, and like any “bell curve” in nature – was likely just an isolated extreme case.

However, I see SO MANY “regular” people becoming addicted to all tech. It happens slowly – but via fierce consistency. Relentlessly consuming almost anyone who dips their toes in.

99% of users become MORE involved year over year.

The less than 1% who have the brainpower to identify what is happening to themselves and people around them – take the proper steps to “GET OUT!” while they can.

Seriously – these things have POWER over your mind, self-control, and even your true identity (who makes you you?)

Be safe out there!

avoid technology as much as possible addictive - Another reason to avoid most technology

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