Mile Square SJW Ninnies {progressive overdose}

Mile Square SJW Ninnies {Pushing their luck}

What happens when everyone has cameras coupled with always-connected internet and busy-body mindsets?

A mile-square city of hell.

Some progressive asshole on social media “shared” this invasive photo of another progressive tool simply walking in public.

Title: “What is wrong with this picture.”

Our answer is – that the photo was even taken and posted on social media in the first place!

pedestrian walking in Hoboken NJ minding his own business - Mile Square SJW Ninnies {progressive overdose}

“Yeah, SO?”

But the answer they’re looking for is – that this pedestrian was not in the crosswalk, and was heads-down on the phone.

Boils down to virtual bullying and finger-wagging

Naturally – a single photo is and can be taken completely out of context. The guy likely looked both ways prior to crossing the street – and determined it was safe. That’s what humans have apparently gotten really good at. Making assessments in a blink of an eye.

But SJW’s want to finger-wag saying this is “reckless!”

While we agree that inattentive walking is just dumb, Darwin normally takes care of the low-hanging fruit. However, the odds are statistically slim that any significant dent in the population of dummies will happen. They just get too lucky.

This is clearly one of the worst things about social media. How one person can “virtue signal” something that used to be just kept between a few people.

But this can (and will) work both ways if people don’t stop soon. Everyone will be at each other’s throats much worse than it already is today. You won’t be able to leave your house without triple-checking your political-correctness, fashion sense, and public actions. Because some asshole with a camera is lurking behind every corner. Ready to virtue signal about something he or she has no idea how they even formed that opinion.

Best bet is to delete those social media accounts and focus on improving your own lives. Don’t forget – this type of “shaming” is no different than the “bullying” these weaklings also talk about. Except everyone feels mighty behind a keyboard.

Until they are the ones in the spotlight. Watch your backs.

SJW ninnies tattling on each other in Hoboken NJ - Mile Square SJW Ninnies {progressive overdose}

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