Mainstream “info” is a major contributor to stress and anxiety

The overwhelming majority of mainstream info is unhealthy in our opinion. While engaging in “popular” things can lead to (some) financial gain for a few people, in the end, it isn’t good for the soul.

mainstream victim - Mainstream "info" is a major contributor to stress and anxiety

What is mainstream info anyway?

  • News, publications, almost all social media, trending topics, entertainment, brands, status, etc.

What should (ideally) consume our time?

Family and friends that do not talk about mainstream things or “pop culture.”

Building, creating, learning, and growing.

Quiet time, meditation, observation (all without broadcasting it or feeling the need to “share” with anyone.)

Caveat: Keeping a pulse on society

We live by the words we publish – however, that doesn’t mean sticking your head in the sand.

It’s very easy to observe the world around you (keeping a pulse on what’s going on) without getting overly immersed in the nonsense.

Taking a 30,000-foot view is another way of putting it.

Once you’re in tune – you can easily connect dots without wasting time on the mind-numbing (often fake) details of these scripted events around us. Observing others in this world is easy to do – and gives you a free blueprint on better ways to navigate.

scared of independent thought - Mainstream "info" is a major contributor to stress and anxiety

Keeping up, “FOMO,” and feeling the need to fit in

The mainstream commercial world that is presented to most – is a trap. Psychologically designed – and hard to escape once you’ve had a taste (like addictive foods or drugs).

So many of us have been “conditioned” by the superficial and unhealthy. Sort of like that movie “The Joneses.” (We don’t recommend movies – but it’s a good case in point).

The financial system, the suppressed middle-class, the dangling carrot. Most folks are perpetually dissatisfied, always wanting more. To “level up.” Part of the “gamification” aspect of the world we live in today. Practically no one is satisfied for long.

That is what has kept the money wheel spinning for so long. Until it stops.

herd lemmings - Mainstream "info" is a major contributor to stress and anxiety

Simplify, lose the excess, free the mind

By not needing – and more importantly not wanting – the things that the world glamorizes, you can become free. Having less is really having more.

The less you complicate your life, the better. Fewer problems. Diminished stress. Clearer mind.

This includes the information you consume. Like bringing your phone to bed. Or looking at it first thing when you wake up. All those “triggers” do not augment your life. They only control you. Whether you think you voluntarily “decided” or not.

Find a way of living that doesn’t require those hooks to live. Even if you have a somewhat digital existence job-wise, it’s necessary to build borders. We’ve seen how this recent tech is destroying people.

Not kidding. Spend a day, week, or month without your tech. And use that time instead to observe others. When you finally see how, like a curse or pandemic – it has overtaken society, you’ll be happy you’re not “infected.”

Good luck.

(PS – the same can be said for “indy” or “craft” crap too. That whole industry is the same as “mainstream” but just looks different. Exactly identical principle. It’s some kind of “identity” that captures people and sucks money from them. Don’t buy the hype!)

plugged into the mainstream - Mainstream "info" is a major contributor to stress and anxiety

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