You can make the fake meat trend go away {yes, really}

It’s trendy at the moment to embrace the “plant-based” meat alternatives. People “like” the taste of meat apparently. (So why not just eat meat?) But somehow meat has gotten a bad rap (we all know why – but most are afraid to admit it).

In fact, it’s so trendy – that the two top “fake meat” companies have absurdly skyrocketed in value to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars!

We’ve seen the “fake meat” products invade the REAL MEAT sections of local supermarkets! People are actually buying them!

(We tried “Beyond Burgers” once – and were alarmed when we ate them. It was an uncontrollable and uncomfortable urge to consume. They weren’t overwhelmingly “tasty,” but rather chemically controlling. It was unnatural – and we will never, ever again touch these things! It’s important to understand that exact point. They’re not good. YOU JUST BELIEVE THEY’RE GOOD.)

Anyway – here’s a hyped-up video you can watch. A bit excessive – but true nonetheless.

PS: There are various theories as to why this is blowing up at the moment. Some are financial. Others may be because “real” meat may somehow (via nefarious actions) may become a scarcity. Who knows. But some “looking under the covers” needs to happen in order to get to the truth.

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