Prime Time Early Learning Center


Hoboken411 swung by the newly opened Prime Time Early Learning Center (414 Hudson St.) last week for their grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony.


After Mayor Roberts welcomed them to the community, I had a chance to take a tour and speak with Director Nicole Olsen.

With the new parents popping kids out at what seems to be a record pace, Hoboken certainly has a need for additional daycare centers! What sets Prime Time apart from many other establishments, is the fact they’ve been privately owned and family operated for 25 years. The Hudson St. location in Hoboken marks their sixth location in the NY and NJ area.

Accepting children from 6-weeks to 5 years old, they feature flexible full or part-time schedules anywhere from 16 to 60 hours per week, and conveniently bill on a monthly basis.



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(Prime Time Early Learning Center, continued…)

During my tour, I was impressed how Nicole (who has been with Prime Time six years), as well as the rest of the staff communicated. Despite being open for about a month, the operation ran like a well-oiled machine.

Prime Time occupies both floors of the building, with an “infant activity” area, stroller parking, and what they call a “gym” on the first floor.


The second floor consists of large classrooms for older kids (18 months and up). Fun time consists of more educational activities such as language, motor skills, and mathematics. On top of fantastic record-keeping by they staff (such as regular progress reports and eating diaries), Nicole mentioned that they offer two snacks and a hot lunch daily with tuition.

Although the facility can accommodate almost 190 children, they currently have only about 100 kids a day. So you might want to call them quick if you’re interested in getting a spot for your child. With summer vacations now pretty much winding down, you can expect them to become booked in a hurry.

Another important thing to note is, that you do not have to participate in a scheduled tour to see the center. You can visit at any time, and Nicole or any staff member can answer your questions and show you around.

See many more pictures I took in the gallery below, including the stroller “parking lot,” other shots of the facility and of course more pics of Mayor Roberts.


Prime Time Early Learning Center

Description: Day care, child care, flexible hours, monthly billing, family owned.
Address: 414 Hudson St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-420-7644

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Thursday, July 21, 2011 3:02 pm

Another update.

My daughter is still attending PrimeTime. She is in one of the 2 1/2 to 3 class rooms on the 2nd floor. She has meet or surpassed all of her developmental milestones. What is more, she enjoys being there, and now that she is able to talk I’m basing this on her words not just her happy smile. There are times when we get charged extra because I got stuck on the phone with a client and could not get there on time. The school has to pay staff to stay over time, so of course they have to charge parents.

The teachers are great, warm and friendly. Some of them live and town and have stopped to talk and interact when they are not at work. The enrichments programs are well worth it and my daughter loves her Spainish class and her dance/movement class. Super Soccer Stars come in to do stuff with the kids.

I would highly recommend this place to anyone. The have taken good care of my daughter, providing and nurturing and stimulating environment. The have put up our cloth diapers. The move a child into a class based on child’s readiness. I’m anticipating my daughter will move up to the 3 year old’s class a few months early.

Thursday, January 7, 2010 10:38 am

I would like to give a longer review of this daycare. My daughter (14 months old) has been going there for 10 months. She started out in one of their 2 infant rooms. The infant rooms are for children under the age of 1 (more or less based on skill level). The children nap in cribs and have a play area (3rd picture) to crawl around in. When babies start to develop empathy, often if one child cries the empathic children often cry too. My little one, had a different approach, she had observed how the staff would sooth a crying child by rolling their crib. She started reaching through the bars of her crib to roll the crib next to her. She would also push other children in the baby swing. My daughter transitioned into the 12 month to 18 month class when was 10 months old because it was better match for her skills (cruising, self feeding with a bottle, etc). While in the infant class she developed skills that literally stunned me. She is really happy there and when we leave at the end of the day she likes to walk around and visit the other class rooms. We stop in the infant room and visit the babies and then she visits the 2 year old classes. I’m very happy with her social development, how she gets along with adults and other children. The daycare does arts and crafts with the children, has puppeteers come in and… Read more »

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 2:31 pm

Also they do have a few discounts. We get two, one because my husband works at a particular company and the other by paying by check not credit card. The have discount for siblings (I only have one child so I didn’t pay attention to the details on that).

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 2:28 pm

My experience is quiet the opposite from the others. My 7 1/2 month daughter has been going there since mid-March.

She is happy and right away I noticed her picking up new skills. She can sit on her own, crawl, pull up to standing, and cruise. She is working on figuring out how to sit down from standing with out falling. I’ve watched her there and suspect she watches the older infants.

I have not be charged for days we did not bring her in (vacation, work schedule change, etc).

When I pick my daughter up if she is in the play area I go and join her for little while, so I’ve seen how the place runs.

I’m very happy having my daughter there. The staff is very caring.

Thursday, March 26, 2009 10:20 pm

“They don’t care about your child.” Wow, that’s quite a charge. I don’t understand what happened with your contract–you don’t make it at all clear in your post. So, no one knows what exactly you are talking about.

As for the open classroom set-up, didn’t you tour the facility? Why did you enroll your child if you felt that was a problem?

Finally, I have toured the daycare and was impressed. I know many moms who highly recommend it and specifically recommended it to me because of their flexibility.

I think that unless you explain what your issue with the contract is, it isn’t fair to bash the business on this site. Make clear what you are talking about. As for the charge, “they don’t care about your child,” I hardly see anything in your post that justifies such an accusation. Frankly, it seems rather absurd.

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