Expand your thoughts when it comes to conspiracy theories! {9/11}

It’s been almost 18 years since the dramatic events of September 11, 2001.

Notwithstanding the fear, drama, and sadness of the destruction, damage, and loss that took place that day – it’s crucial to FOCUS. And that isn’t easy to do considering the amount of time that has passed, as well as the information everyone is (and has been) using.

september 11 anniversary lights - Expand your thoughts when it comes to conspiracy theories! {9/11}

Science over emotion always when it comes to theories

In our opinion, we feel there are two “mainstream” “narratives” that exist for the whole 9/11 event.

  • The (official) mainstream narrative: Arab terrorists hurt us.
  • The (official) fake conspiracy: “Controlled demolition!”

We truly believe that neither is accurate.

Do we know what really happened?


How can we? Other than simply what we witnessed. Filling in the blanks for everyone is just conjecture and parroting of what others have said. None of us were materially involved.

september 11 discussion - Expand your thoughts when it comes to conspiracy theories! {9/11}

Figuring out what DID NOT HAPPEN is key

There’s this “scientist,” or professor – or whatever you want to label her as – named Dr. Judy Wood.

We have a book of hers (500+ pages) that pretty systematically outlines what DID NOT happen on September 11, 2001.

In other words – what did NOT destroy the buildings on that day. Scientific method. Extremely comprehensive, too.

She doesn’t proclaim to know what did – but she theorizes on what COULD have (theoretically) pulverized 1000+ feet of concrete and steel.

They’re only theories.

But she has a profoundly incredible list of causes that could not have happened. And that is key.

This is why anyone should be skeptical of the second “narrative.” Especially since NYC Firefighters are now bringing the other false theory back into the limelight.

Read the book. Judge for yourself.

(What bugs us profoundly – is the very few numbers of people that we know – that are even willing to entertain some real discussion about it. Or who even know about this theory. It’s almost considered “forbidden” thoughts. And that is a major flaw in society. The same way they peddle “settled science” when it comes to other emotional shams like climate change. How so many of us invest more in defending a “camp” they know so little about is mind-bending. Something will give eventually!)

PS – we have some burning questions regarding this “theory,” as plausible as it may sound. For instance – who was behind it? Where is that technology now? Why has nothing similar happened since? What next?

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