Becoming an “Un-Consumer” {a great idea}

Becoming an “Un-Consumer”

Think about the things you buy, watch, want, and “need.” Take a trip down memory lane (if you’re old enough), and recall today, and periods five, 10, 20, or more years ago. Do you see a pattern?

If you can recognize what’s been going on – and how, you might be in the same boat as us.

It is quite compelling to become an “Un-Consumer” of most things available for purchase or consumption in 2019 and beyond.

We’ll talk about a few examples below, some reasons why, and a crucial mindset we think you can adopt to have a better life.

Preface: Consumerism and Marketing and Perceived Need

It’s important to note that “consumerism,” and the marketing that goes with it – has been around for a long time, but more so in the past 100 or so years. Especially as communication became faster and wider.

What is different today – is how sophisticated it has become (and is always evolving). The aspect of “having” both material things, as well as perceived “power” and wealth is part of both the human core as well as it’s major (manipulatable) flaws.

A good start for anyone who may be uneducated about some of this – is to research people like Edward Bernays and others who have corrupted society with the help of psychological tactics. Explore some rabbit holes to get up to speed. You don’t even need to examine most of the conspiracy theories dominating the world either. Not yet, at least. Eventually, those will be more compelling to look at.

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Manufacturing your life (brainwashing)

The world we live in here in America is mostly a fictitious production. Classes, division, haves & have-nots, governments, rules, laws, status, controls, and most importantly, rewards, status, and fear.

The monetary system is a disaster because of who controls it – and how the pie is divvied up and who gets excluded.

While the “constitution” is believed to be a precious document, most of it is irrelevant at the present time. Ignored by all. Remember, America is young and has long been corrupted. There are a lot of theories regarding by whom, but not many can confidently know (religious, nation-state, demographic, powerful families, or a combination thereof).

What is reality is the cluster-f*ck that life has become. So many moving pieces combined with the frenetic increase in pace in which things happen – we’ve reached some kind of “terminal speed,” in which nothing short of biblical disaster can “reset.”

“Un-consumer” doesn’t mean miser – just pragmatic and focused

Most of us know a “cheap” person or two. Why or how they became cheap is not the point. They either try to weasel their way into free things or never spend their money on anything (publicly at least).

Then there are “misers.” Those who are afraid to part with their money. Heck, they might even have a lot of it. But simply hate spending anything!

To be an “un-consumer” doesn’t mean being cheap or overly cautious.

It means not getting sucked into a superficial consumer lifestyle “they” want you in. Focus instead on basic necessities and practical, productive purchases that have long-term (real) value.

DIY project

What is the superficial consumer lifestyle you talk about?

It’s a long list – but it usually means things you can absolutely live without at best – and even detrimental, wasteful, and purposely useless at worst.

What comprises a major part of it are:

  • All entertainment (movies, TV, music, sports) as well as related merchandise, tickets, cross-branding, etc.
  • Almost all technology. Especially the planned obsolescence of it all – as well as the psychological trickery involved with making most people WANT the next big thing (Do lines at the Apple Store ring a bell?)
  • In general, needing more. Bigger homes. Nicer cars. Better life. Fancier clothes. Premium foods. The list goes on. Even as people earn more money, they somehow find themselves in a constant state of “upgrading.” It is never-ending. And nearly always unfulfilling and unsatisfying soon enough.

Entertainment, vanity, and self-rewards – don’t we deserve that?

No. Most of it – the perceived value (reward) to you is “fun and enjoyment,” is actually two-sided. Yes, you do “love” all of it, but it’s a spell. The price you pay is that you’ve wasted thousands upon thousands of hours being entertained instead of growing as a human. All of the entertainment you consume is the modern-day “Bread and Circus” to keep the masses distracted, fat, lazy and un-threatening.


But wait, don’t we NEED consumerism?

A difficult point to mention is the need for consumerism. It’s a vital part of the “economy” as it stands right now.

Countries need economies. People buy things from companies that employ people, that pay taxes, etc. The whole system was sort of designed to be “self-sufficient.” In a perfect world.

By being an “un-consumer,” we’re not suggesting that everyone stop spending money. Just re-directing the money towards things that make both themselves and the country stronger, smarter, and more productive. And you don’t need a silicon slab of apps to achieve that.

The country can survive just fine without wasteful entertainment and other activities for the ever-growing (literally) number of sloths out there. In fact, our economy would do even better. The only folks that might suffer are the “elite” 0.01% of celebrities, sports players and owners, and other tech monopoly executives that are grossly over-paid.

And maybe the under-represented quality industries can grow again to fill the void that would be left behind if people woke up.

un consumer

Waking up is good – you need much less (of the bad stuff)

Once you’ve decided to become a practical “back to basics” type person – something profound happens.

For one, by working harder to have a good productive life – you’ll realize that you don’t have much TIME for the wasteful entertainment. So many people complain about being “busy,” yet they somehow incorporate countless hours of “binge-watching” in their weekly routine. Hypocrites.

Also note that it often depends on where one decides to live. In a city environment, with small living spaces, no property to take care of – there is a better chance for idle time. Not guaranteed, but highly likely. TV time in cities is profoundly higher than in other locations.

Not saying that home+land ownership is better or worse, as some folks and their “McMansions” certainly get in way over their heads for other reasons – especially if they still need or want to be “entertained.”

Ideally, a “homestead” along with a practical mindset is where you want to be. Hard to happen elsewhere. Sure, urban folks can get occupied in other ways, but usually, it’s some sort of lame artwork or other “civic” cause that has no usefulness for anyone.

Once you identify what things you spend your life consuming (over time), it becomes much easier to cut the “cancer” away. It just takes honesty and understanding of how the pieces fit together. Then, you’ll no longer be a pawn in someone else’s game.

PS – the same “consumer” mindset even applies to good things like tools and most other “necessities.” The psychology behind having “better” is everywhere. So even if you’re an “un-consumer,” beware!

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