Single-use bag racket

Single-use bag racket

The “single-use bag” rhetoric has to stop. You know – with all the useless “bans” (or attempted bans) on plastic bags.

ban plastic bags is so stupid - Single-use bag racket

Can we ban these dopey environmental activists at the same time? I’d make that sacrifice.

Screw them all

It boils down to these points:

  1. They invented the phrase – which has been repeated relentlessly: “single-use bags.” They did that on purpose to give it a negative connotation. It’s a known tactic to “win” an argument. State something “as” fact – when in fact it isn’t a fact at all. Most plastic bags are re-used. And if they’re not – they’re recycled or properly disposed of. Less than 0.0001% of plastic bags are “littered.”
  2. Control and profit. It’s obvious it’s next to impossible to “catch” every person that litters. Some point in the future there will be video cameras on every square inch of earth, but until then – people will litter (or accidents will happen, i.e., raccoon, etc.) And not just plastic bags, but everything else. The biggest “litter” we see across New Jersey is FAST FOOD RUBBISH. The recycled paper bags, cartons, and napkins from eating utter garbage at McDonald’s and other deadly drive-throughs. So instead of trying to earn money punishing litterers, which they can’t – they controlled the outcome another way.
  3. Liberal/Progressive mindset invasion. The current paradigm shift has been decades in the making. Many of those same nut-jobs causing trouble in the 60’s and 70’s attained positions in a multitude of areas. Government, media, think-tanks, etc. They have a temporary advantage of “controlling the narrative.” And for whatever asinine virtue-signaling reason – “the environment” is one of them. Even though there is ample evidence that there is no statistical change in anything environmentally-related. Other than how many more sheep follow along. One of the conditioning steps toward a Orwellian or socialist society.

single use plastic bag nonsense - Single-use bag racket

Resist at all costs

Much of this persists because their argument(s) is(are) craftily-written and rarely, if ever “debated.”

Any sane human with common sense would instantly see the major flaw in their justification – the big, bad, “single-use” aspect. This is destroyed right off the bat, but it does not change their obsession with getting rid of them.

And if you try to challenge ANY of this, they’ll use the predictable responses. You know, like moving the goalposts, ad-hominem attacks, “the children!” and many others. Anything to avoid logical debate and civil discourse. Because they know they will lose.

Additionally, they only picked things that were “low hanging fruit.” There was enough kick-back to “keep” bags like dry-cleaning, produce, and poop bags. And of course, garbage bags – which you all will now have to spend even more money on because you have no spare bags sitting in a drawer in your kitchen.

For now – if anyone wants to send a message – the only way to do it is with your wallet. Don’t shop in Hoboken or Jersey City. Find somewhere else, regardless of the loss of convenience. There are other more nefarious ways to combat this problem, but most of those are likely illegal. But in every revolution – the “boiling of the frog” eventually gets too hot, and bad things happen. We hope it never gets to that point.

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