5 ways tech affects personality

5 ways tech affects personality

Yesterday we mentioned FOMO (or missing out on nothing). And in that post we touched on how certain tech-savvy “mini-celebrities in their own minds” behaved.

This is not just reserved for those who strive to be popular online.

It’s for most people with any form of social media account. Or who spend more time digitally than in “real life.”

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Digital communication robs from organic life

Here are 5 ways tech affects your true personality:

  1. You’re unable to function “live.” Without time to edit, curate, or perfect what you put out there, most people cannot really “talk” in real life. Many have become flesh robots! They have simply lost the ability to receive emotions from real, physical life and human interaction. They have cold, blank expressions when not connected. The vibrancy in their facial expressions only come to life when ingesting digital media. Fact.
  2. Enjoying moments for what they are. Most people now cannot simply have a good time unless it’s “documented.” And by documented, I mean with the intent to be seen by others who are not physically there. That means taking a selfie. And most certainly at least making a post about it. It’s dwindled down to taking photos of iced coffees or pictures near the Hudson River waterfront. Your own memories and personal story-telling ability should be your timeline. Not your phone (which is data-mined for the profit of others anyway…)
  3. Discovery via trial and error. They say “practice makes perfect.” Same goes with failure and learning from mistakes. Experience of doing things wrong has nearly the same value as knowing how to do things right. Today? Hardly anyone tries to figure stuff out. They head over to a search engine or video channel to get answers. Lost is the value of understanding what went wrong. That will have profound effects down the road.
  4. As much as there is out there – it’s still algorithmically adjusted. It’s still true (other than search engines) that the internet is pretty much fully accessible in America. That means you can get information of any kind. It’s just become very hard to find it. Once you stumble upon things you can open up a bright new world. Just using any search engine is not the way to find it. Nowadays it’s via personal exchange. Slow growth, really. (Why people are obese and solid lifestyles like Carnivore are just a blip on the radar). My point is – that most of what people gravitate towards is either by external design, with psychological triggers, or other emotional tactics. While some folks can sift through the static, 99.9% of the people cannot. As free and open as it seems – there is a reason why Katy Perry videos get billions of views.
  5. Political Correctness. Most people do not say what they truly think. And worse off, some folks are being “re-programmed” to not even think humanly any more. Society is being “molded.” Gone are the days where you could tell “off-color” stories. Or use fun profane language or phrases. The number of people I see that become “offended” or “taken aback” when we use “R-rated” language is amazing. In other words, sanitized. Orwell and Huxley were prophetic. We cannot let this continue.

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Again, cutting the cord is simplifying is paramount

To curtail this horrific phenomenon of how tech is literally destroying humanity – it’s quite simple.

One by one, people have to distance themselves from the worst parts of it. Mainly social media, mainstream “news,” and most other forms of “bread & circus” entertainment such as sports, television, movies, and most modern music. There are many others – mostly superficial nonsense like brands, clothing, etc.

Additionally – by getting rid of the social media crap (and pruning your friends and acquaintances) – and focusing on the physical world it frees your mind in amazing ways. Spend more time alone. Without distractions. Time to contemplate. A majority of people cannot recall what that meant. Many have never experienced it whatsoever.

Lastly – this isn’t “old vs. new” or “our way vs. your way.” Sure it can be said that each previous generation that had quips about the “new.” But this is different. The tech and instant comms and privacy issues is uncharted territory. Dangerous in our opinion. We have no precedence.

We truly feel this is a tipping point. Some ship is about to set sail. And we don’t want to board it. Sure, there will be some winners, but most will be losers. Losers without dignity and no way to get that ship to sail back to land.

Fortify and protect your reality while you still can.

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