Hoboken Hop Bus Complaints

A Hoboken resident shares their gripes with the Hoboken Hop Bus service. By the way, this is always the issue with “socialized transport,” and one should never get accustomed to using mass transit of any kind. The inept government always screws it up. Always.

hoboken hop bus

Hoboken Hop Bus Complaints

“I have recently noticed some changes in the Hop’s service that have raised concerns for me as well as others in the community. The Blue Hop seems to not be running most mornings and the Green Hop’s service seems to be increasingly inconsistent (it has not run in the mornings 5 out of the last 7 weekdays).

Hoboken residents rely on the Hop to get to work, school, grocery stores, medical appointments, etc. The availability of the Hop is especially essential for seniors, individuals with disabilities and those with young children as it picks up anywhere along the route, something that NJ Transit buses do not offer.”

Maybe senior transport should be privatized? And let everyone else walk!

hop bus complaints Hoboken NJ

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