Gatekeepers of misinformation

Gatekeepers of misinformation {a racket}

Most of you know the recent “controversies” regarding certain major search engine companies.

Whether it’s attempts to paint inaccurate political pictures for election influence – or algorithm changes to squelch alternative viewpoints – it certainly sounds like a serious issue.

And it might be, depending on who you ask.

gatekeepers - Gatekeepers of misinformation

Reliance on search is a human flaw

One thing we’re particularly fascinated by is how many people we know and witness – that almost automatically use a web search to “guide” their lives. Sickening, really.

What’s sad about it is how a majority wholeheartedly “believe” the results they get. Simply because words and articles “appear.” Critical thinking (i.e., “cui bono”) never enters their minds. Nor does how and why the results they got based on their search.

That I think is the basis in which these popular search companies are going all-in on. And that is a major part of where they’re getting it wrong.

While many dumbed-down lemmings in America have been conditioned by technology and these untrustworthy companies, they do not represent everyone. There are still millions of people who have voices, contacts, blogs, and networks of their own. Call it the “underground” if you must – because they’re all getting pushed down anyway.

But people who are not new to the internet (or so ignorant as to trust it without question) exist. In quantity.

The country is not entirely reliant on web searches. Only the idiots and easily-manipulated are.

useful idiots protesting - Gatekeepers of misinformation

Useful idiots are always discarded once they’re no longer needed.

Resistance is more powerful than you think

Misinformation, influence and human attention has been a game for as long as we’ve existed.

Only now it’s global and at light speed. With billions of people with idiot-slabs in their hands and high-speed connections, it just becomes profoundly complicated, along with an infinite number of “unforeseen” consequences not even the best algorithm can predict with any accuracy.

And one aspect the big search companies cannot contend with is human spirit and resolve.

Once people get “awoken,” they cannot be put back to the blissful slumber they were once in. They’re forever awake – and will only get stronger and stronger.

protest with your wallet - Gatekeepers of misinformation

The money will slow down for those against humanity.

The underground network is more powerful than you think

Those folks who kick the MSM and other nonsense to the curb are lost to them forever. They recruit others personally. Popularity grows organically over just electronically.

The level of resistance grows – and often in a way that is undetectable to “algorithms.”

People use privacy browsers. Communicate offline, or via other encrypted methods.

While the ways to exist anonymously are harder today than ever – they’re not entirely gone.

There are bloggers and vloggers out there who truly care for their craft, messages, and truth. They work hard and continue – even in the face of “demonetization” and other nefarious attempts by the progressive gatekeepers.

The big search companies (way too big in our opinion) think that simple tactics like cutting of ONE way of funding will demoralize the strong resistance. It often has a reverse effect – making them much more powerful. Watch Black Pigeon Speaks and BitChute grow. And of course, the “chans” which most low-energy people can’t even figure out how to navigate.

It’ll be a very interesting next two to five years. I wonder what the real impact will be as the paradigm shifts. Or what new attempts to stymie free speech will be made.

paradigm shift - Gatekeepers of misinformation

Footnote: Money, money, money

We have some theories as to how certain aspects of society get influenced. One that interests us profoundly is the health industry.

Much like the weather (“the science is settled with global warming!”), it seems that these large companies are trying to settle the science on health.

Those alternative sites are getting squashed. Even with many people curing themselves of almost all ills by switching to a carnivore lifestyle, for instance.

It’s obvious. The industries that have had a long-running (mostly illegal) racket are feeling threatened. So they lobby (pay off) the big search companies (and every level of government) in order to keep the charades going longer.

And this applies to many racket-based industries. Health. Energy. Pharma. Government. Science. Probably dozens more.

It won’t last forever. Truth always wins. Always.

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