Fasting Podcast {helpful in many ways}

Fasting is easy – and effective

We’ve been one form or another of low-carb over the past decade here at Hoboken411.

Our latest version is mostly carnivore – with tremendous success.

We’re also dabbling with Intermittent Fasting, with some interesting results.

While we try to eat within a “window” daily (usually a six-hour slot in-between the traditional lunch and dinner hours), cutting it back to “OMAD” (one meal a day) is fascinating.

Besides noticeable improvements in body composition – we realized mental acuity and physical endurance were also markedly better.

Here’s an interesting Podcast from Dr. Peter Attia – where they get into much more details scientifically about Fasting. And how it can possibly help serious medical ailments.

It’s seriously “insider baseball,” and truly covers some medically deep subjects. This type of knowledge should be considered supplemental after you’ve gotten past the main hurdles – such as profound sugar addiction.

Jason Fung, M.D.: Fasting as a potent antidote to obesity, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, and the many symptoms of metabolic illness

In this episode, Jason Fung, nephrologist and best-selling author, shares his experiences utilizing an individualized approach to fasting to successfully treat thousands of overweight, metabolically ill, and diabetic patients, and why being a doctor who specializes in kidney disease gives him a unique insight into early indications of metabolic disease. We also have a great discussion on insulin resistance where Jason makes the case that we should actually think of hyperinsulinemia as the underlying problem. We also discuss the difference between time-restricted feeding, intermittent fasting, and dietary restriction (e.g., low-carb) and how they can be used to attack the root cause of T2D, metabolic syndrome, and obesity. We also have a fascinating discussion about the limitations of evidence-based medicine which leads to a conversation where we compare and contrast the scientific disciplines of medicine and biology to theoretical physics.    We discuss:

  • Comparing scientific disciplines: Medicine and biology versus physics [7:25];
  • The limitations of evidence-based medicine [12:30];
  • Early signs of metabolic disease: How specializing kidney disease gives Jason a unique insight into early indications of illness [20:50]
  • Insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, and the overflow paradigm [29:30];
  • Why the common treatments for type 2 diabetes seem to make things worse [42:30];
  • How hyperinsulinemia (not insulin resistance) drives metabolic syndrome [53:15];
  • Insulin and weight gain, and using fasting to empty the cells of glucose [59:30];
  • The two step process of developing type 2 diabetes and how they are both manifestations of hyperinsulinemia [1:03:15];
  • NAFLD and hyperinsulinemia: A vicious cycle [1:08:30];
  • Are the features and symptoms of diabetes actually protective? [1:12:15];
  • Is obesity causing insulin resistance or is it the other way around? [1:17:30];
  • What role does inflammation play in obesity? [1:21:45];
  • CVD and cancer: Diseases of too much growth? [1:27:30];
  • How to reduce proliferation with rapamycin, nutrition, exercise, fasting, and manipulating hormones [1:32:45];
  • Getting patients to fast: How Jason and Peter utilize fasting in their practice, and how their approach differs [1:40:15];
  • Comparing bariatric surgery to fasting as a treatment for type 2 diabetes [1:48:00];
  • Why people think that fasting is bad for you [1:55:15];
  • Time-restricted feeding and intermittent fasting: Defining terms, and how Jason applies them in his practice [1:58:30];
  • A fasting case study: A diabetic patient with a non-healing foot ulcer [2:04:00];
  • Keys to a successful fast [2:12:45];
  • Muscle loss during fasting, and why Jason isn’t worried  [2:24:45];
  • Will fasting help a healthy person live longer? [2:31:30];
  • Does fasting cause gallstones? [2:38:45]; and
  • More.

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