2019 New York Yankees will be World Series Champs

2019 New York Yankees will be World Series Champs

We stopped being engaged in all professional sports quite a while ago (even the beloved Yankees). Why? Because we realized how little it benefited not only us – but society as a whole.

Yankees 2019 World Series Champs Judge - 2019 New York Yankees will be World Series Champs

As fake and unnecessary as most other things consuming the time, money, and energy of the majority of the country.

Those are the consequences of modern technology.

However – curiosity gets you sometimes, as well as memories.

We used to be avid New York Yankees fans. It wasn’t a lost cause – because experience and retrospect can educate you as you get older.

So we checked in to see how the team was doing. We didn’t recognize most names. Don’t even know who most players across all major sports are anymore. They’re interchangeable for the most part. Like actors or politicians. Always something else. Something new. To keep you engaged.

NY Yankees 2019 World Series Champs cover - 2019 New York Yankees will be World Series Champs

NY Yankees will dominate

What do I know? But just spending 10 minutes looking around the sports web page, it appears that the Yankees have a team that will steamroll to another World Series victory.

They did well with even most of their star players injured.

Again, we don’t care about the bread & circuses of the world. But we felt like making a prediction for the record. And the best thing about it is, that we don’t care if we’re wrong or right. Just wanted to put it down.

The 2019 New York Yankees will be World Series Champs.

In fact – I wouldn’t be surprised if they set a record – and sweep their way from the playoffs to the final out in the World Series.

It’ll likely be more epic than that special team that we followed with our hearts back in the ’90s.

Wonder what the Vegas odds are. How much would I win if I put a thousand down on the outcome today?

Read it and weep other teams. The Yanks get another trophy this year.

(Back to my life without sports. We’ll check back again in October.)

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