Hoboken Flooding Photos


Started to snap a few pictures this afternoon before I flipped over and nearly broke my neck in the flood waters. Thank god I have bones as strong as titanium.

Here a one in the vicinity of ShopRite (more after the jump).


As I get more pictures, I’ll add them to a flooding map for easy reference.

See the rest before I nearly died after the jump!

(Hoboken Flooding, continued…)


But it seems as if 14th Street, near the Clearview Cinemas construction site is not so bad!

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pedro vargas
pedro vargas

Hoboken has been a flood area for many years its a pit that moves downward,yet alone everywhere u look in hoboken it gets flooded like it or not?the pj’s is on a land fill back in the early 1800’s that back there was damn swamp my late uncle had a photo of people on a boat where the lightrail is right now.so just imagine what can happen and is happening all over town in 10min rain fall.not zimmer nor a rocket scientist can fix these problems.keep building and building i wouldnt put it that one day the streets are gonna cave in bc of all the sewage and water building up underground.


i would have been playing johnny cashs how highs the water mama song


“But it seems as if 14th Street, near the Clearview Cinemas construction site is not so bad!”

Just wait untill the construction completes. Right now, the entire sqare block is a dirtpile that absorbs water. Once the construction completes, it’ll push the water into the street or the overloaded sewer. I bet you’ll see flooding here as well in the future.