Hoboken Virtue Signaling in full force

Hoboken Virtue Signaling in full force

Most of you probably noticed the “rainbow” colors slathered all over the crosswalks at Newark & Washington.

This, of course, is in recognition of something called Pride Month.

Pride Month is apparently some kind of invented thing. To force attention on something. Like every other “modern” thing that needs wants attention.

It’s easy to deflect or be non-committal and say “what’s the harm?” But whether you agree or disagree – you will be subjected to non-stop rainbows until the end of June. Even rainbow-lovers will become all “rainbowed out,” and wish – even for just a day – that they were color-blind.

Already our email inbox is over-loaded with rainbow icons and other nonsensical sugar-coated buzzwords about this “thing” that is nothing more than virtue signaling. Is anyone being “helped?” Or is it just mental programming (repetitive). Exhausting to those who can think clearly. Regardless if the intention (on paper) is good. Because what’s on paper never translates accurately into reality.

lgbt crosswalk hoboken NJ - Hoboken Virtue Signaling in full force

The cruel irony is that the street only goes ONE WAY – when the crosswalks go both ways. I wonder if someone will try to ban the sign or make the street bi-directional at some point in the future. Don’t laugh it is very possible.

Oh, and someone sent me this video, which has a slightly different angle on what the rainbow means. It’s just a form of comedy, but I’m sure some folks will be offended by this expression of free speech.

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