Hoboken Week in Review – 9/7/2008


What flooding? National politics was again the big topic of discussion in Hoboken last week. With less than 60 days left before the Presidential Election, have you made your mind up for who you’re voting for?

Besides Palin, McCain, Obama, Hanna and (soon) Ike, what other subjects made the Top 10 most discussed Hoboken411 entries for the week ending Sunday September 7th, 2008?


Hottest topics of the week

Even though McCain’s VP selection of Sarah Palin was published over a week ago, it was by far the most discussed entry on Hoboken411 this week, with well over 600 user comments. What made the top 10 list otherwise?

  1. Is an Empire falling?
    I just don’t get why health clubs get people so dang angry.
  2. Dickhead NYPD cop
    The “charges” filed against a Hoboken resident in the viral YouTube video of the week are dropped.
  3. Hoboken sees the light
    Verizon FiOS services finally begin rolling out in town.
  4. Jets Hottie from Hoboken gets interviewed by 411
    NY Jets Gameday host Jenn Sterger chats with Hoboken411.
  5. New Orleans spared
    Lots of hype and preparation for last week’s hurricane Gustav.
  6. We Want 2 Cut Ribbons
    411 looks at the long-delayed WWII memorial.
  7. Money pit pier
    Hoboken411 details the trail of mismanagement with the 9/11 memorial project off Pier A.
  8. That’s Amore!
    The Annual Hoboken Italian Festival wraps up today. Don’t miss the fireworks!
  9. Touchdown!
    NFL football is back! Will our local teams make it to the post-season?
  10. Republicans gather at a local bar
    To drink alcohol and watch John McCain accept his nomination for President.


This week

Some upcoming events in Hoboken:

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To bond for $4 mil is another example of the mismanagemnt of this great city. On 9/10 the Local Govt. Finance Board (DCA) will rule on their consent agenda for the supervision of Hoboken. They will announce the sanctions which will probably allow for the budget deficit to be spread over 5 years…one consequence is that this action encourages mismanagement and what stops a repeat performance? Remember, put Hoboken in your hands next year, by voting for change. 💡