Facebook Purge Grows {CrossFit – Who’s next?}

We’re not big on CrossFit – primarily because of the cult-like mentality of the business. However, we realized they do support the low-carb, high-fat movement – so they’re otherwise okay.

Because of their support of what is now clearly against the “mainstream orthodox” medical mentality – they’re running into resistance from the gatekeepers of public opinion (social media, Facebook, Twitter, and other retarded platforms).

It’s clear to us – that there is some incentive to attempt to control truth movements. Especially when it threatens the financial aspect of an opposing myth. In other words, some rackets are getting disrupted – and what you’re seeing these days is the culmination of sunshine on the truth.

They try and suppress it.

It may work for a little while, but reality will eventually prevail.

This is popcorn eating time. Here are some “movies” for you to check out.

Facebook Purge Grows {CrossFit – Who’s next?}

Facebook, Google, and Apple – Fading Influence

quitting facebook - Facebook Purge Grows {CrossFit - Who's next?}

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