Letter: Forgotten Street in Hoboken {for parking enforcement}

Letter: Forgotten Street in Hoboken {for parking enforcement}

Sounds very strange that the city of Hoboken would neglect an entire block of free parking revenue. What local government could pass up the joy of stuffing their coffers? Or the thrill of robbing drivers because they didn’t follow the rules?

If true – then there is probably a reason. Paid to look the other way? Or just gross incompetence?

hoboken harrison street lack of parking enforcement

Harrison Street between Observer and Newark – The Street Hoboken forgot

“Things on Harrison Street have been bad for the last three years or so but now it’s just accelerated. 99% of all vehicles parked on the block have no permit. The HPU does nothing. No matter how often you call, they never appear. They will argue that they patrol all the time but our cameras outside the building tell another story.

Because of the HPU (lack of) actions we now have to contend with the newest parkers. People from the Cast Iron Lofts and sister buildings along Jersey Avenue that don’t want to pay for parking have taken to parking on Harrison Street for seven days at a clip until street cleaning.

Some of these cars have New York plates on them. They can’t do it in Jersey City (they would be towed in a heartbeat) but they can do it on Harrison St. which has now become the hottest new free nighttime parking lot for commercial vehicles in Hudson County. We tolerate tractor trailers, straight jobs, and omnibuses all the time because the police do nothing. Last time I looked, that overnight ticket was over $100 dollars.”

tractor trailer illegally parked harrison street hoboken NJ

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