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New entry to the directory today, as well as an Open House event on September 27th.

WeeCare Occupational Therapy provides innovative, child-centered and individualized occupational therapy (OT) services designed to achieve functional outcomes for our pediatric clients.

WeeCare expands service offerings

New groups include social skills, writing camp, therapeutic yoga and much more and will be celebrated at an open house on September 27 from Noon-3:00 PM ET


What/When: WeeCare Occupational Therapy to host an open house on September 27 from Noon-3:00 PM at 720 Monroe Street, Suite C408, Hoboken NJ 07030. WeeCare will also be hosting an inservice on Handwriting Without Tears on October 1st at 7:00 PM.

Why: WeeCare Occupational Therapy will be celebrating the expansion of its space to 2500 square feet in the Monroe Center. Occupational therapists will be on hand to discuss new service offerings including: The Wee Club (social skills group), Pre-School Group (sensory motor based play group), The Write Camp (Pre-writing to cursive), Much Bunch (feeding group) and Peaceful Bodies… Peaceful Minds (therapeutic yoga inclusion program).

About: WeeCare Occupational Therapy provides child-centered and individualized comprehensive therapy services combining both basic techniques with the latest advances in therapy. Just as every child is unique, every therapy program at WeeCare is tailored to the individual needs of the child and designed to achieve the most optimal functional outcomes. We welcome children between birth and 18 years of age in our newly expanded sensory gym.

Additional programs and service offerings include: fine/gross motor skills training, sensory integration, handwriting training, group therapy, oral motor therapy and many other programs. Therapy services available by appointment Mon-Fri 8am-7pm.

For more information or to make an appointment call 201-656-8800.

WeeCare Occupational Therapy provides innovative, child-centered and individualized occupational therapy (OT) services designed to achieve functional outcomes for our pediatric clients.

Description: Occupational therapy for children.
Services: Sensory integration, Oral motor therapy, Handwriting training, Miller Method principals, TAMO, Solutions to compensate for visual perceptual deficits, Therapeutic listening, Parent/educational consultations
Address: 720 Monroe Street, Suite C408, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-656-8800 Fax: 201-656-8801
Web: http://www.weecareot.com
email: mduarte@comcast.net

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I have been reading the posts about the need for OT for kids with Autism here in Hoboken…OMG, with New Jersey having the highest rate of children diagnosed to be on the Autism Spectrum (1/94 in NJ vs. 1/150 nationwide), how can someone even post such an misinformed comment? I am a parent of two toddlers, and have been a pediatric physical therapist for 10 years, and have worked closely with OTs. Their expertise can in no way be compared to a “playdate,” “park” or “Romparoo.”

These professionals undergo extensive schooling and numerous hours of continuing education hours to maintain their credentials. In fact, I checked out the “WeeCare” therapists to see what type experience they have, and the services they provide, from my findings, a parent would be fortunate to have their child receive services from them.

They have gone to special training in order to run these “social groups.”


[quote comment=”104255″]save money take your kid to a playground and let them work on there social skills and self esteem there for FREE!![/quote]
We do this as well but sometimes a structured setting with certified, trained staff can make all the difference in the world.
I could have learned how to do ABA therapy for my son and done it myself but I felt he was in much better hands with someone who is qualified and has experience in the area.
On the playground I spend half my time apologizing to other parents for my son’s inability to share toys and his stunted social skills.
I’m not a parent who is quick to share his diagnosis with people because I want them to see him for who he is and not dismiss him with a label.
A place like this would allow me a little more freedom to work on the skills he needs because the other parents “get it” and I could focus on correcting and building the skills he needs.
For my older son the playground is the perfect place for him to polish his social skills. I’d never consider a place like WeeCare for him. He gets what he needs from his peers at school and after school through playdates and on the playground.


save money take your kid to a playground and let them work on there social skills and self esteem there for FREE!!


Good luck with your little guy, DCG!

It’s awesome that they are so good that people travel to see them. I guess being by the light rail and having a big parking lot makes that more feasible than it is with most Hoboken services.

For those unfamiliar with this area, here’s a good basic link:


Hmm, sorry for that format, I can’t seem to correct it.

No, HOB, its not apples to oranges. Social skills are social skills, no matter where they are taught. The park works great too. You have to catch the moments as they come and use them, is all. You can do group bits about what to do under different situations and recreate them and practice and get the kids to give each other feedback, but its all the same area.

I’m sorry, its weird to me to hear of an OT doing a social skills group. Maybe that’s just what I get for working so long in nursing homes, but social skills groups are IMO not under the OT umbrella. However, since I’ve just been arguing that pretty much anyone can run them, and pretty much anything can be made to qualify, I’ll shut up about that that.


I’m going to attend the open house on the 27th.
My little guy Brian who is on the spectrum can use some help (aside from school) with his social skills and I think he could only benefit from the services they seem to offer.