5G zero latency brain cancer in Hoboken

5G zero latency brain cancer in Hoboken

We have been saying with increasing frequency about the ill-effects of “technology” and YOU.

This new “5G” coming – you’ve surely heard a lot about.

With 500+ radiation towers being installed throughout Hoboken – you better get some rural countryside Realtors on your speed dial (a phrase from the 80’s).

If it’s not the digitally addicted zombies that will get you – it’ll be the smell of burning brain cells.

Do you ever wonder why there was such little debate about this?

Comical that dopes like Ravi “Pay to Play” Bhalla are (artificially) worried about practical commuter sailing vessels that are going to “spoil” the mediocre waterfront?

This new “5G” isn’t about how great it will be to have “Zero Latency,” no. It’s how now NO ONE will have a microsecond to allow critical thinking into the mix. Like a never-ending fluid mix-tape (another 80’s reference) of brainwashing and indoctrination! Grab the popcorn!

You people are fucking delusional! Hoboken is over – without a doubt.

Hoboken 5G towers 500 of them good luck with that - 5G zero latency brain cancer in Hoboken

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Monday, August 26, 2019 12:07 pm

As a Hoboken resident, this is extremely concerning. There are known dangers associated with 5G and its associated radiation. one walk around this town with a simply RF meter and the RF radiation is off the charts! I wish we had some option to fight this.

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